After picking up steam all through January, the Threesides crew is now back at full pace and ready for everything 2021 is about to bring, even Facebook meltdowns! This month we share our take on the news content carnage of last week in response to the News Media Bargaining Code. We also take a look at Shaw Wines’ new out-of-this-world private jet wine experience, Australia’s top 10 YouTube ads in 2020 and how your competitors’ Facebook Ads can help you!

Our take on the News Media Bargaining Code

Last week Canberrans woke up with the rest of Australia to find their Facebook accounts are starting to look very different to what they did yesterday.

The change was brought about in response to the legislation in front of Parliament designed to force the search giants Google and Facebook to pay for search results from news-related organisations, but did you know a lot of local small businesses got caught up in the overnight carnage including many of our clients? The Government might be angry with Facebook’s drastic response, but our take is Government got it wrong not Facebook. Get our perspective in our full media release here.

Escape from the mundane with Shaw Escapes

Have you seen the latest out-of-this-world offering from our friends at Shaw Wines, being called “the greatest Australian escape for high-flying wine connoisseurs”? This ultimate day of indulgence includes a private jet to Canberra, a helicopter tour over the Murrumbidgee River, and a three-course lunch experience with the chef and winemaker!

Scouting the opposition – how your competitors’ Facebook Ads can help you!

How often do you wonder about what Facebook Ads approaches your competitors use? If your answer was never, you need to read this article from Social Media Examiner ‘s Susan Wenograd on the Facebook Ad Library and how to model your competitors.

Did you know that anyone with Facebook can view insightful information on ad campaigns that can help you learn how other brands are advertising on Facebook and Instagram? Scroll down any public page until you see the ‘Page transparency’ menu on the left, click ‘Go to Ad Library’ and prepare to have your mind blown.

Triathlons and aquathlons are back on!

Towards the end of January and into February, our favourite physios at SportsCare and Physiotherapy have been supporting local triathlon and aquathlon events including the annual Jackie Fairweather Memorial Triathlon. And in more exciting news, they’ve just launched an allied health hub at their Barton clinic on Sydney Avenue. Just downstairs from their current physiotherapy services, you’ll find a Performance Psychologist, a hand clinic, and other additional allied health services.

Australia’s top 10 YouTube ads in 2020

Every year YouTube releases a list of their top 10 most watched ads in Australia. The leaderboard reveals the most engaging and creative ads based on a mysterious formula that factors in audience retention, watch time, as well as organic and paid views throughout 2020. Being such a whirlwind year, it probably won’t surprise you to find out that one of the most frequent themes we saw in 2020’s most popular ads was humour.

Wondering which ad took out number one for the year? Did somebody say… celebrity endorsement?! Check out the complete top 10 here.

No escape from our business planning day

This month the Threesides team got together for a business planning day. It was a great opportunity for business updates, but the real highlight was a team against team challenge to see who would escape first from KINGP/N’s Escape Rooms! Good news: both teams escaped in time. Bad news: Having two Directors on your team did not get you out the door first 🙁

It was great to finally do some team bonding face-to-face and we’re hoping this is a good omen for 2021 having a lot more of it!

If you’re looking for some advice on how to get the most out of your marketing in 2021, get in touch with the Threesides team on (02) 6249 1117.

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