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Sapphire Coast Destination Marketing

Report finds 50% of businesses in Bega Valley lack confidence in the viability of their business operations in 2021, with Victorian Border Closure over Summer a contributing factor.

The impacts of the Victorian border closure over Summer 20/21 have been felt far and wide across the Sapphire Coast region, with the findings of a Business Survey Report released this week showing businesses are still reeling after multiple shutdowns. “Of perhaps most concern is that 50% of the businesses surveyed were lacking confidence in……

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Blog 22/02/2021

The Wrap: February 2021

After picking up steam all through January, the Threesides crew is now back at full pace and ready for everything 2021 is about to bring, even Facebook meltdowns! This month we share our take on the news content carnage of last week in response to the News Media Bargaining Code. We also take a look……

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Blog 22/02/2021

Why supporting local can be a win/win for business: a case study

We all understand the value of supporting local businesses and causes as a consumer, but did you know there are several benefits for your business supporting local too? Not only are you helping grow the local economy, which is good for everyone, but you’re also building your brand’s reputation and reaching the audiences most likely……

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Threesides Marketing

Local Canberra businesses to suffer financial impacts after Facebook switches off news sharing and business pages, and turns social media ‘dark,’ says local Marketing Agency.

UPDATE WED 24/02: On Tuesday 23rd feb – 6 days after this event – Facebook announced it would be switching local news sites back on after compromises were sought to the News bargaining code legislation. From an in-depth review of the effects of this event and what’s next see ABC NEWS: https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2021-02-24/facebook-news-ban-experiment-australia-what-we-have-learnt/13183828 MEDIA RELEASE: WED……

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Blog 28/01/2021

The Wrap: January 2021

2021 is here! And there’s a sense of energy and optimism in the marketing world. Australia has always been a great place to live, but the last 12 months have really cemented the fact that we are one of the luckiest countries in the world. In this month’s wrap, we take a look at remarketing on……

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Blog 28/01/2021


For as long as we’ve been communicating, storytelling has been a huge part of our shared culture. Before the time of bloggers and journalists, even before we invented techniques to physically record our history, we have been gathering together to listen to and retell our best stories. Walk into any country pub and you’ll find……

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Blog 18/12/2020


The Threesides team has been working hard to wrap up what has been a mammoth year. Much like a game of pass-the-parcel, 2020 was the gift that keeps on giving, and now the package is so small that surely once the music stops all that will be left is the wonderful gift of a holiday……

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Underground Spirits

Canberra’s first lakeside gin experience now on – Underground Spirits’ Urban Distillery Experience, Summer 20/21

In a first for Underground Spirits, and indeed any distillery in the Canberra region, Canberra’s premium sprits producer and the spirit of Canberra today announced they are now offering Canberra’s first ever lakeside gin experience this summer. “Our new Underground Spirits Urban Distillery Experience takes place at the Canberra and Region Visitors Centre on the……

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Blog 03/12/2020

Threesides Ultimate 2020 Drinks Guide

Now it’s time for a quiet drink… Did 2020 leave a good or a bad taste in your mouth? Maybe you felt like hitting the bottle at times throughout the year or like some – you found the smarts to cut down your alcohol intake or quit drinking all together. In honour of this crazy……

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