Everyone has a local, and if you live in O’Connor, Lyneham, Turner or Dickson, the chances are pretty high that yours is the RUC. Located in the leafy streets of Turner, the RUC is not just a jack of all trades, but a master of them too. From being a home club for bowling teams, to supporting local sports and communities, to being a premier spot for functions and events, the RUC can do it all.

And our role in it all? We’re the RUC’s external marketing department. We help them get their website up to scratch, create social content, create campaigns and bounce millions of great ideas off each other in marketing brainstorms. In terms of marketing for the RUC – you name it, we’ve done it.

As a result, the RUC in Turner is known as the local among the people in its local catchment area.

You guys are good. Todd and Lauren at the Threesides Team are doing a fantastic job promoting our Club and provide a friendly reliable, professional, accessible marking solution tailored to our specific needs. They certainly understand what we are after and stick to the brief.   Jeremy Wilcox – Secretary Manager, The RUC

The RUC reinvents itself for Canberra’s modern inner north

The new RUC in Canberra’s inner north suburb of Turner was today officially unveiled by the ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr. The opening has come after months of major renovations which have resulted in a refreshed, reinvigorated bowls club for the Canberra community.  “Two years on from the merger of two of Canberra’s oldest smallest……

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