What is marketing?

When do you need marketing?


Things always work out better when you have a plan, which is why we recommend ongoing marketing activity with Threesides Marketing. Working with you in the planning phases helps us to best understand your customers and end goals, and to provide a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing the best mix of marketing activities for you. Ongoing marketing activity ensures consistency for your brand in the marketplace.

Once-off Campaigns

Got a new product to launch? Want to host an exclusive event for local influencers? Or perhaps you’re launching a new service and want to make a splash in the media? When time is of the essence, Threesides Marketing can assist you with short-lead, short-term marketing campaigns including any mix of digital advertising, email marketing, media, PR or any of our digital marketing services.

What does marketing look like for my business?


Begin your marketing journey with Threesides Marketing with an initial discovery session. Through our brand workshops, we uncover insights to develop your tailored marketing plan identifying goals and tactics.


We help you build your marketing toolbox by identifying your must-do ‘always on’ marketing activities that will sustain your business, and ensure you reach your target audiences’ needs effectively.


We identify the best marketing tactics that will ensure you meet your target growth goals. We utilise data and reporting that can demonstrate your growth over time against set benchmarks.

How do I?


We can help you raise awareness about your business by influencing the influencers. We can create an effective ongoing influencer strategy, or a one-off targeted influencer campaign, that reaches the most appropriate influencers and ensures they share your content with an engaged audience.


What good are followers if they’re not engaged followers? We’ll ensure your organic and paid social media is attracting relevant, timely and effective engagement with your target audiences.


We provide strategy and ongoing advice for how to sell your products and services – both direct to consumer and B2B – ensuring your physical business, online channels and e-commerce setups are the most effective they can be to reach sales goals.