Marketing Department

We are your outsourced Marketing Department

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Not every business has the luxury of having its own marketing team – here’s where Threesides comes in. We will be your Marketing Department – creating campaigns and delivering results through smart marketing planning and implementation.

You’re treated like an individual from the get-go (no templated marketing plans here!), and we spend time cultivating meaningful relationships with your team. After all, if we know you better, we market you better.

With our Marketing Department service, you will have a dedicated Threesides senior-level Marketing Manager who is supported by a team of marketing and communication professionals working on your plan and implementing it on a day-to-day basis.

Threesides’ Marketing Department

Threesides Marketing Department service:

  • Is flexible and based on your changing needs.
  • Is in regular contact via marketing meetings and reporting, online project management tools, and on-call assistance.
  • Uses the latest industry-proven tools to manage your work – our project tracking systems, ProWorkflow and Basecamp. 
  • Provides regular reports and accurate budget management.

Get access to a range of Threesides services:

  • Marketing Planning and Strategy: including ongoing project management
  • Media, PR and Influencers: including writing, story development, media events, media release and media alert development, story pitching, and influencer campaigns
  • Content Marketing: including written content, visual content, graphic design, photography and videography
  • Digital Advertising: including web, social, search, advertising, reviews and directories
  • Social Media: planning, advertising, channel setup, community management, content development and training
  • Email Marketing: including plan, template design, email automation, lead magnets and landing pages
  • Graphic Design: including brand development and design, ad design, template development, brochures, flyers and print collateral, logo design and pitch deck
  • Ad-hoc and on-call marketing advice: you can reach us via calls, emails, or meetings
  • Training and mentoring
  • Evaluation, reporting and ongoing analysis of results

How much will Marketing Department cost with Threesides Marketing?

Our Marketing Department offering is scalable to your budget, your organisation’s needs, stage and size of your business and industry.

Ready to discuss getting Threesides on board as your Marketing Department?

Enquire now and one of our friendly team will contact you with recommendations on where to start.

Whilst we’re not a one-size-fits marketing agency, you might find you fit into one of the following categories for Marketing Department…

One-off marketing campaign

Perhaps you are holding an event, launching a new product or creating a new part of your business that you would like to market with a dedicated, targeted and timely marketing campaign.

What you will get: An initial brainstorming session with a marketing expert to determine the campaign’s goals, a basic plan outlining your target audience, key messages and the tactics required to achieve your desired results. Execution of the tactics.

Ongoing marketing management

An initial brainstorming session with a marketing expert to determine your business goals, so that you can walk away with a comprehensive Marketing Plan which outlines the marketing tactics required to meet your goals.

What you will get: Delivery of these tactics on an ongoing basis, with an annual budget in mind.

Cost: We start with a Marketing Plan. Then an ongoing monthly allocation of hours to achieve your marketing tactics as per your Marketing Plan, from a minimum of $1,700 per month.