Marketing Campaigns

Let Threesides Marketing be your Marketing Campaign manager

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From time to time, you might need a hand with boosting your brand, business, product, event, or service with a tightly targeted marketing campaign.

Marketing campaigns are in essence tied to a finite timeline – the specific time when your offering needs to be in the public eye to meet a particular need – that need may be a sale/discounted offer, an event over a specific period such as a festival or one-day public event, or a new seasonal product launch.

Whatever your campaign needs are, Threesides Marketing will assist you in developing and executing a highly effective marketing campaign. We can take the reins right from the planning and strategy phase (or work from your existing plans), to developing key messages, copy and artwork, advertising coordination and bookings, through to digital ad campaigns and promotions via the media. And of course, no marketing campaign would be complete without a campaign report at the conclusion so we can demonstrate just how effective your marketing campaign was at reaching your overall marketing goals.

Whilst traditional advertising most certainly has a role to play, an effective marketing campaign takes into account the needs of your own very specific audience demographic. As Canberra’s best digital marketing agency, we recommend a mix of PR and media across platforms of TV, radio, print and online, combined with an effective strategy encompassing all of your business platforms such as website, social media, EDMs and a digital advertising component.

What are some of the Marketing Campaign tactics we can assist with?

  • Advertising, traditional: including print, radio, online and television
  • Advertising, digital: including Google and social media
  • Media and PR: including media alerts, media releases, media backgrounders, story pitching, and media events
  • Electronic direct mail
  • Social media

How much will a Marketing Campaign cost with Threesides Marketing?

Our Marketing Campaigns are scalable to your budget, your organisation’s needs, stage and size of your business and industry.

Ready to discuss getting Threesides on board for your next marketing campaign?

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