Email Marketing

Harness, personalise and engage your audience direct to inbox

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Satisfy your existing audience and introduce new audiences to your brand with the power of email marketing.

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is a cost-effective marketing tool to help nurture customer relationships, and consistently reach your audience directly via their inbox.

Threesides Marketing delivers effective solutions for EDMs that can:

  1. Increase conversions and brand awareness.
  2. Reach your audience regularly.
  3. Personalise customer journeys with automation and segmentation.
  4. Integrate with ecommerce and websites.

Your EDM solution can be included in any mix of the following:

  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Plan
  • Media and PR Plan
  • Content Plan
  • Social Media Plan
  • Advertising Plan
  • Communications and Engagement Strategy
  • Integrated Digital Advertising (IDA) Plan

Threesides Marketing’s most popular EDM offerings

Seasonal enewsletter

Creation of quarterly or seasonal newsletter delivered directly to the inbox from your client list.

Monthly enewsletter

Stay at the forefront of your customer’s mind by writing to them with updates monthly. This can include what’s on and updates.

Automated customer journeys

Receive data-driven results with the help of automated customer journeys without lifting a finger. You can target and retarget customers based on their interactions.

Dive a little deeper into the world of EDMs offered by Threesides Marketing

For the Beginner

Get started with a seasonal enewsletter

Do you have permission to email your customers? Can you offer them exclusive deals, industry news, or share tips about services and products they want to know about? If that’s a yes, then an easy way to start with EDM is with a seasonal enewsletter.

Our tourism clients, like Trek Tours Australia, have utilised seasonal email marketing to inform their customer base about seasonal treks available, changes to treks, upcoming events and latest tips on what to consider when trekking. Voltair, our favourite air conditioning specialists, email their client base seasonally to help their customers know what maintenance they should be doing in summer, autumn, winter, and spring.

For the Intermediate

Technical and industry news people want to read

Our clients are subject matter experts in their industries and are often generous with the amount of information they share with their customers, members and stakeholders. Our graphic designers and copywriters use this information to help design eMarketing that is eye-catching and easy to navigate, so their readers can quickly reach the stories or products they want to read about first.

We craft content every day for financial, IT, legal, health, education, and government sectors, and help summarise and translate technical information into stories that are easy to read, engaging and understood by our client’s audience.

For the Advanced

Drive website traffic and increase conversions with segmentation and automation

Having a data-driven email marketing strategy will increase your email engagement by matching customer personas to your existing data or help you capture future customer data, to build targeted segments and send highly personalised emails, tailored to customers’ individual interests.

Adding automated customer journeys to your email strategy further enhances the personalised experience for your clients, helps build loyalty programs and reduces time spent creating once-off campaigns and manual administration required for event reminders, RSVPs and survey responses. Campaign Monitor found automated emails also get 86% higher open rates, produce a 196% increase in click-through rates, and generate 320% more revenue than standard promotional emails.

How can we help?

EDM platform and hosting

We can create campaigns using our very own Threemail, a user-friendly email hosting platform that allows your company to design email marketing campaigns, manage and upload subscribers, and access live insights on campaign engagement.

Email Marketing Plan

Threesides can create an Email Marketing Plan for your business that includes a review of your existing customer data collection tactics, recommendations to increase the number of subscribers and create list segments, suggestions for content messaging and automated customer journeys to reduce in-house administration and increase your overall engagement.

Email template design

Let us take care of the design of your email marketing template. We design email templates that fit with your brand. Designing eye-catching templates to suit your needs, our templates display correctly regardless if the customer uses Gmail, Outlook or another mail server.

Analytics and reporting

Using Threemail, you can review insights on your customer base relating to open rates, click through rates, shares, bounce rates and geo data on your customer location. These insights can help improve your strategy and the return on investment on email. For clients with our data dashboarding and reporting, this data is also included in your monthly marketing report so you can see all your marketing insights in one location.

Leads magnets and landing pages

A landing page is a page on your website where visitors leave contact information in exchange for a lead magnet, which is a free item or service e.g. subscription, samples, access to enews, consultation, or a download.
Our web developers create your landing page to feed the contact details into your enews subscriber list, while our Marketing Department team works with you on the content and design of your lead magnet and landing page.