Graphic Design

Elevate your brand with visually powerful design that gets remembered

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What is seen will be remembered more than what is read – so getting your graphic design right is key.

You could say that design is thinking made visible, and we don’t need to convince you that visual content is a priority in marketing because the statistics speak for themselves.

Try a quick test – run the same content twice on your social media channels, once with a visually appealing image, and once without, and see the difference in your post engagement.

Whether it’s brand awareness or sales you’re seeking, cleverly designed visual content should always be a high priority as part of your marketing efforts.

What are some of the specialised graphic design services we offer?

  • Branding
  • Advertisement design – online and print ads
  • Social media template design
  • Brochures, flyers, posters and other print collateral design
  • Website design
  • EDM template design
  • Logo design
  • Pitch deck template design

How much will graphic design cost with Threesides Marketing?

Our graphic design services are tailored to your own individual needs.

Ready to discuss graphic design for your business?

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More on our in-house design services

As audiences, platforms and search engines have evolved, visual demand has also grown and evolved, and so have we.

Threesides offers in-house design services and a team of marketers with a good eye for what will work visually for different industries and audiences.

We have expertise in all aspects of graphic design, web design and visual communication across social, with a strong focus on the most popular Australian platforms, Instagram and Facebook.
If you are just starting out or looking for a brand refresh, start with Branding.

For a newly designed website or improvements to the design and navigation of your current website, visit Web Design or head over to Video and Photography if this is your visual content deficiency.

Graphic Design

Dive a little deeper into the most popular graphic design services offered by Threesides Marketing…


Branding online, branding in-person, and branding on the phone. Are they the same?

If you’ve answered yes, you might need a hand with your business’ branding. Here’s where Threesides Marketing can help you with branding.

Our approach? Your people are your brand.

Branding is not about a logo and a font, it’s about personality. We workshop with sole traders right through to company Boards to discover what you are like as people, and then we determine your brand with the words, colours, tone and images to convey that to your customers, staff and stakeholders.

Strong business branding will include:

  • A Content Plan to guide content
  • Tone of voice
  • Your brand story, personality and values
  • An appropriate colour palette
  • Photography treatment and guidelines
  • Fonts that complement the business logo
  • Templates for things like letters, reports and presentations

Website design

Learning to talk like a web designer and explain how you would like your website to look is often difficult. Knowing what you do and don’t like on other websites is a really strong place to start because what you think is beautiful but what your customers think is beautiful can be very different.

We rely on you to know your customers better than anyone, so we start with what you like first.

In marketing agency land, there are pretty websites and there are pretty websites that are also smart. At Threesides, we are only interested in the latter.

Search engines don’t rank “pretty only” websites, you need to have rich text and image-based content that will keep people interested and convert, as well as a whole long list of other things that make up the complicated Google algorithm. So, we won’t design a website without great content and if you don’t have it, we’ll create it for you.