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Threesides has an extensive and current contact list of journalists and online influencers, along with long standing local media relationships in Canberra and across Australia, combined with the know-how to deliver strategic communications that will really lift your corporate storytelling to your target audience.

Our in-house media, public relations and influencer management services will deliver on your publicity, promotional and marketing objectives. Whether you want to increase visitation to your destination or an upcoming event, to gain media attention for a new product or service, or to highlight a pressing issue to the media, Threesides has the skills, expertise and contacts with media, online bloggers and social influencers across a range of industries to generate meaningful coverage for your business.

Threesides Marketing has our roots firmly in media and public relations, with our Director and our Head of Media, PR and Content both public relations professionals having a combined 40+ years’ media experience in Canberra and surrounds, delivering effective, national-reaching media campaigns for clients across many industries.

If it’s a “drop everything” media scenario, our PR team is here to help.

We can assist you with the following specialist media and public relations tactics

  • Media Plan
  • Media targets list development
  • Copywriting for any PR purpose – e.g. media kits, enewsletters, client letters, case studies, website landing pages/micro-sites
  • Corporate storytelling, key messages and story angle development
  • Media alert and media release writing and distribution
  • Targeted story pitching
  • Designing and hosting media and stakeholder events
  • Media launches
  • Media training
  • Media coverage tracking and reporting (in-house)
  • Coordination and hosting of onsite media familiarisations
  • Blogger and influencer engagement and campaigns – managed in-house or with industry-leading influencer platforms

How much will Media, PR and Influencer services cost with Threesides Marketing?

Our Media Plans are scalable to your budget, your organisation’s needs, stage and size of business and industry.

We can also create a tailored combination of media and PR services, all of which are charged at an hourly rate and scoped with you prior to proceeding.

Ready to discuss an effective Media Plan for your business?

Enquire now and one of our friendly team will contact you with recommendations on where to start.

Threesides’ most popular Media Plans

Basic Media Plan

Provides a broad overview of potential story angles, talent and suitable media targets for your business.

Standard Media Plan

Basic inclusions PLUS a 12-month Media Plan so you can plan resources to get the job done and see results.

Premium Media Plan

Includes a workshop with Threesides, and the delivery of a comprehensive plan outlining potential story angles, talent and media targets. Incorporates strategies across your other content channels such as social media, enewsletters and your website to develop an integrated, consistent approach to your communications activities. This also includes a 12-month schedule of activity.

We can assist with media liaison for events, launches and famils

Threesides will mange an end-to-end process to assist with media management in three parts.

Step 1: Creation

Threesides can work with you to craft a carefully worded, timely and newsworthy media release (either from scratch or review and edit your existing content) designed to capture the attention of your target media. We’ll also work with you to ensure we have suitable images and quotes from your designated spokesperson/people ready for distribution to the media upon request.

Step 2: Distribution

Threesides specialises in media liaison within Canberra and the surrounding region, with strong links to a national network of more than 500 travel, tourism, food and wine and lifestyle media contacts across print, radio, television and online. We also have the resources to distribute your release nationally and to customised lists.

Step 3: Pitching and follow ups

We increase your chances of securing media content with targeted pitching to follow up your media release. We highlight the connection between the release and the outlets’ readers/viewers, suggest story angles, offer imagery or interviews, and a visit/product or promotion. Whilst we cannot make any guarantees as to the volume, angles or sources of any coverage, but we find that incorporating a proactive pitching element into your media efforts can help facilitate conversion.

Media add-ons

We provide the following services to get more mileage from your media activities.