Marketing Planning and Strategy

You always need a plan

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Behind every good brand is a good marketing strategy. A Marketing Strategy, or Marketing Plan, provides a clear vision of your business objectives and what success will look like for you.

Threesides will deliver you an effective Marketing Plan that will articulate a clear:

  1. Understanding of the target market.
  2. Defined and planned tactics.
  3. Recommended budget.

What should be included in a Digital Marketing Plan?

Threesides’ Marketing Planning and Strategy can include any mix of the following:

  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Plan
  • Media and PR Plan
  • Google Advertising Plan
  • Communications and Engagement Strategy

OR, Threesides can create a Marketing Strategy for your business that holistically looks at all of the above.

What are some of the other specialised marketing tactics we can assist with?

  • Customer Persona Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Tactical Marketing Map

How much will a Marketing Plan cost with Threesides Marketing?

Our Marketing Plans are scalable to your budget, your organisation’s needs, stage and size of your business and industry.

Ready to discuss an effective Marketing Plan for your business?

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Marketing Planning and Strategy

Dive a little deeper into the most popular Marketing Plans offered by Threesides Marketing

Integrated Digital Advertising (IDA) Plan

The IDA Plan is the holy grail of digital advertising planning.

Digital marketing is not only the space we most like to play in but it’s proven to be the space where our clients see the best results in terms of trackable reach and engagement.

We can deliver a tailored IDA Plan for every client, from the kick-starter right up to our enterprise clients. You by no means need to fit neatly into one of these categories. That is the beauty of digital marketing. To give you an idea of what you can expect in your IDA Plan, check out these IDA Plan offerings.

For the beginner

The need: Help in marketing a new business, campaign or product line, or a motivation boost to make marketing a priority in your organisation again.

What you will get: A workshop with a marketing expert, your marketing plan mapped out and a 90-day action plan with strategies to focus your time and energy on so you don’t lose momentum after the workshop.

For the intermediate

The need: Marketing planning for small to medium business or large campaigns requiring 6-12 months of campaign delivery.

What you will get: A workshop with a marketing expert and your marketing plan for the next 12 months mapped out with a focus on your target audience, content themes, budget and schedule in a visual format that your whole organisation can understand and be accountable to.

For the premium

The need: In-depth research for enterprises, national and international companies and organisations who want to implement marketing across multiple sites and/or countries.

What you will get: A workshop with a marketing expert, stakeholder consultation as required, and development of a comprehensive marketing strategy with a situation analysis, target market research, product development ideas, resourcing, evaluation framework and more.

Content Marketing Plan

No matter how good an individual piece of content is, your content, and likely also your audience’s interest and engagement, will fail over time unless there’s a carefully considered Content Plan guiding the way. Those Instagram profiles that look like curated art magazines don’t just happen by themselves.

An effective Content Marketing Plan ensures consistency in theme, style and branding. The Content Plan will also include guidance on photo shoots, hashtag research and the best time of day to engage your followers.

We can deliver a tailored Content Plan for every client. You by no means need to fit neatly into any of the below categories but to give you an idea of what you can expect in your Content Plan, check out these Content Plan offerings.

For the beginner

The need: Help with just getting started, improving low online presence or lack of engagement due to poor quality or inconsistent content and messaging.

What you will get: A workshop with a marketing expert to help you articulate three target audiences and recommend the ideal channels, social platforms and themes (content pillars) to engage each. Post-workshop, you will receive an example post for each audience segment, along with a content schedule template for the next three months to get you started.

For the intermediate

The need: For organisations who have a wider audience to engage and are seeking to plan content further ahead.

What you will get: All the beginner inclusions, with a six-month content schedule template, and example posts for up to five audiences.

For the premium

The need: For corporates and government programs that need to plan content 12 months ahead and need help with organic and advertising content.

What you will get: A workshop and plan development facilitated by Threesides’ Director, with input from specialised content matter experts. The plan will include up to seven target audiences with graphically designed personas. You’ll also get a content schedule which includes advertising and organic planning for 12 months. If required, we can facilitate market research with the target audience.