There isn’t much we enjoy more than changing lives for the better. Menslink support young men in Canberra through their many initiatives, including youth mentoring and counselling, programs in schools and organisations, and their campaigns such as the well-known Silence is Deadly campaign.

Teaming up with Menslink in 2013 was our opportunity to change the lives of young guys in Canberra, and we haven’t looked back since. Menslink is a not-for-profit organisation, who we’ve been helping to get the message out there that with the right help and support Everything is Possible.

Over the years, we’ve helped Menslink with loads of their fundraising events and promotional causes, including the annual Menslink Business Breakfast, to the super fun Menslink Big Night Out. We’ve worked with Menslink and the Canberra Raiders to help implement their Silence is Deadly program by creating television commercials; printed banners, posters and tent cards; and websites and much more.

We’re committed to assisting Menslink in their journey, and are proud to be their communications go-to.

Threesides have been fantastic for us. Todd and his team have brought a level of expertise to our programs and organisation that we would have found almost impossible to get anywhere else. As a charity, it’s very easy for us to simply think in terms of client needs and how best we can help them. Threesides have worked extensively with us over the past three years to also show us how to make Menslink a more attractive support option for our clients and their families – as well as our volunteers and the broader community. They are a fresh, enthusiastic and responsive team and I would recommend them to any organisation wanting breakthrough ideas and tangible results. Martin Fisk – CEO, Menslink
Menslink Website

Calls for Governments’ coronavirus stimulus packages to include the community sector so they can continue to support those in need

Restrictions on mass gatherings and calls for social isolation have caused the cancellation of many critical fund-raising events for charities around the country, significantly affecting their ability to deliver much-needed support services in this time of crisis. “Menslink has just today cancelled our annual Big Night Out and other associated fundraising events between now and……

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