Rachel Wright

Rachel is our Senior Business & Marketing Manager, dividing her time between her health client portfolio and strategic business management for Threesides.  Stolen from a decade in Government and the health sector, Rachel has grown the Threesides health promotion and pharmacy marketing expertise, expanding our service offering to this industry through major government and not-for-profit campaigns. If you are lucky enough, Rachel also loves to write. So when she can find the time, her expertise will be pulled in to write the perfect copy on the big jobs.

Born and bred in Sydney, she adapted to Canberra quickly with the help of her love for the good food and wine that our capital has to offer. With the exception of lamb. She has a weird aversion to eating it because of its likeness to her Spoodles, Barry and Billie. Though probably her destiny when your name means “lamb” in Hebrew and she herself has an uncanny likeness to her curly-haired friends. It would be kind of like eating yourself!

Articles by Rachel Wright

Local Canberra businesses to suffer financial impacts after Facebook switches off news sharing and business pages, and turns social media ‘dark,’ says local Marketing Agency. 5

UPDATE WED 24/02: On Tuesday 23rd feb – 6 days after this event – Facebook announced it would be switching local news sites back on after compromises were sought to the News bargaining code legislation. From an in-depth review of the effects of this event and what’s next see ABC NEWS: https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2021-02-24/facebook-news-ban-experiment-australia-what-we-have-learnt/13183828 MEDIA RELEASE: WED......

Threesides Ultimate 2020 Drinks Guide 5

Now it’s time for a quiet drink… Did 2020 leave a good or a bad taste in your mouth? Maybe you felt like hitting the bottle at times throughout the year or like some – you found the smarts to cut down your alcohol intake or quit drinking all together. In honour of this crazy......
Delivering video chat and remote webinars.

Top video tools you need now to do business online 5

Staying connected proved a lot harder than staying home during lockdown for most business owners. We anticipated various scenarios for Threesides as marketing campaigns were paused suddenly but we couldn’t have guessed how valuable our video skills were about to become. As our own staff departed the office to work remotely and we discovered the......
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