Rachel Wright

Rachel is our General Manager and Company Director. Rachel is a psychology and health promotion grad who started her career in IT. The tech start not only gave her the foundation for a project management career but was her introduction to marketing, working on one of the very first Optus campaigns that featured animals, in 1999. Interestingly, 23 years later, animals are still in part of the Optus brand mix and their partnership model to save animals at risk of extinction – for your daily dose of cuteness check out their Native Sugar Glider campaign.

In between IT and Threesides, Rachel worked more than a decade with various health, training and not-for-profit organisations before leaving her role as Communications Manager for the National Blood Authority, to join the Threesides team in 2014.

Rachel has grown our health portfolio and expanded our service offering to more government and not-for-profit clients. As we grow, her focus is now firmly on the business, but her experience and lifelong love of writing and design, keeps her in the marketing game, and she is often still asked to write the perfect copy on the big jobs or lend her artististic direction on product shoots and training programs. 

Born and bred in Sydney, she adapted to Canberra quickly with the help of the delectable food, wine and coffee, our region has to offer, with one exception – lamb 🐑. Depending on the day, you might get a different reason for her aversion to eating the curly meat. It could be:

  1. their likeness to her Spoodles, Barry and Billie – “Why would you eat something that cute??”
  2. their likeness to her – “Have you seen my hair?”” 
  3. or did you know “Rachel” means “lamb” in Hebrew? “It would be like eating myself!”
  4. or “It simply tastes gross.”

And although she can chat and still occasionally stands up in front of a room of people, she is a closet introvert that loves nothing better than a good book and a gin by the fire, in her home in the country. 

Articles by Rachel Wright

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