Marketing IT consulting with Chartertech

Canberra financial and technology consulting firm, Chartertech deliver tailored and scalable end-to-end business solutions in the space where finance meets technology.

Chartertech’s marketing goals

  • Increase brand awareness: Grow client base in Defence and National Security, local government and higher education
  • Increase conversions: Develop and implement campaigns for products and service lines to increase leads and conversions
  • Improve measurement and reporting: implement a sales tool to measure return on investment and strengthen internal sales capability

Our approach

In 2021, they were looking for new branding that showcased their capabilities and services. Threesides were engaged to develop, deliver and help implement a practical marketing plan that increased brand awareness to increase client work in Defence and national security, local government and higher education, increased conversions and implemented a sales tool to measure ROI.

Threesides developed a range of marketing strategies including digital advertising, and content marketing (social media, reporting and media and PR.)