Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA)

The Academy of Social Sciences in Australia facilitate the ongoing discussion and advice of a range of social policy issues. They facilitate the annual Social Sciences Week, where various education institutions run events focusing on relevant topics. Another component of ASSA is their public news site and podcast, Seriously Social, publishing content on trending topics and the impact of social sciences in society. Threesides provide ongoing website maintenance and design services to ASSA; particularly the development of the Seriously Social website; integration of Salesforce into the website and maintaining the multi-site WordPress environment.

We had a wonderful two-hour website training session with Mathias from Threesides online and it was fantastic! It was a really thorough, informative training session. Despite being quite confident in WordPress, our small team took away lots of ideas and solutions for using our website. Thank you! Bonnie Johnson – Communication Manager, Academy of Social Sciences in Australia

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