Capital Region Farmers Market

The Capital Region Farmers Market is Canberra’s real farmers market. As the largest farmers market in the Canberra Region, the Market is as authentic as can be and is always a hive of bustling activity. What makes the Market even better? As a project of the Rotary Club of Hall, all funds raised from Market go directly back into the community. We guess you can call us marketers marketing markets!

We’ve helped market the Market to grow, focusing our efforts on delivering the key messages that the Market is real, authentic and non-for-profit. We’ve done this by designing and launching a new website, creating video content, integrated advertising campaigns and public relations strategies, as well as developing and distributing a newsletter via email. We’ve also been known to create extra punny written content for their social media channels, assisting to grow their online community to over 15,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram.

In 2020, the Capital Region Farmers Market was able to remain open after being classified as an essential service for the community. Threesides helped CRFM by distributing important communications to ensure the public knew the Market would be open in a safe and responsible way. We also showcased many of the stallholders, and shared stories of their resilience after severe bushfires swept through many of the local regions.

CRFM – Social Media Content Creation, Curation and Community Management

Capital Region Farmers Market CLOSED this weekend in line with increased Covid-19 case numbers and associated restrictions in NSW and the ACT.

Canberra’s  Capital Region Farmers Market will be CLOSED this coming Saturday 21st August 2021. The Rotary Club of Hall, which runs the Market, confirmed today that the Market will not operate this weekend. The decision is based on the increased numbers of community transmission of Covid-19 in the ACT announced over the past two days,……

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Market remains open as essential service with expanded Covid-19 guidelines in place for Easter weekend and orders direct from stallholders

The Capital Region Farmers Market will remain open as an essential food source for Canberrans and is being very carefully managed using the Covid-19 guidelines in place now and for the coming Easter weekend. “The Market supplies Canberrans with fresh, healthy produce and will continue to maintain food supply from regional growers and a healthy……

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Market to remain open as essential service this weekend – customers encouraged to Shop and Go.

Canberra’s Capital Region Farmers Market will remain open this coming Saturday 28th March. “We are an essential food service bringing the Canberra region fresh, healthy produce, and will continue to maintain food supply from regional growers and a healthy diet for Canberrans,” said Capital Region Farmers Market Manager, Sarah Power. “We have received positive feedback……

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Bee at the Markets for a honey breakfast to celebrate World Bee Day

The Capital Region Farmers Market will be a hive of activity as it celebrates World Bee Day at a special bee themed Market day on Saturday 18th May. “As a proud sponsor of World Bee Day which takes place on Monday 20th May, the Capital Region Farmers Market invites all visitors the Market for this……

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There was a significant buzz at the Slovenian Embassy in Canberra today as the programme for Australia’s contribution to World Bee Day was launched, along with a new and very special beehive. Why bees?  Why Slovenia? Ambassador Rifelj explained that Slovenia has a long and inventive history in beekeeping, as shown by the new hand-painted……

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Capital Region Farmers Market – 15 years feeding the community

Canberra’s largest and most popular Farmers Market, the Capital Region Farmers Market, will this month celebrate 15 years feeding the Canberra community at a Market celebration to be held on Saturday 16th March 2019. “The Capital Region Farmers Market is thriving after 15 years in Canberra,” said Capital Region Farmers Market Director and Rotary spokesperson,……

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