Old Bus Depot Markets

The Old Bus Depot Markets is affectionately known as Canberra’s Sunday Best – and with good reason. It’s one of Canberra’s largest creative markets, held every weekend. As a popular destination among tourists and locals, you’ll find a picture of the Old Bus Depot Markets as the feature image in Lonely Planet’s guide to Canberra. So, as you can imagine, we feel beyond privileged to be joining them on their marketing journey.

As one of Threesides first major clients, we’ve helped the Old Bus Depot Markets receive recognition at a local, state and national level. From supporting the Market’s rebrand to transitioning from previous owners Dianne and Morna to current owner Anthony, we’ve been through it all with Canberra’s beloved markets. More recently, we’ve supported the Markets in taking their marketing in-house by providing advertising, public relations and content creation advice.

All we can say is that Threesides are indispensable to us! They are absolutely reliable in providing fresh ideas for our brand; “the right tone” and fabulous wordsmithing for our social media and media releases; valued counsel in matters of promoting our business, and provide a good injection of energy and enthusiasm for a 20-year-old business. And a real plus—we really like them. Diane Hinds and Morna Whiting – Directors, Old Bus Depot Market
Old Bus Depot Markets – Social Media Content Creation, Curation and Community Management

The kids are alright at this huge family day out

Kids. You gotta love them. With their funny antics and endless energy, they certainly bring the fun to those around them. Well, next weekend Canberra’s Old Bus Depot Markets bring the fun at their annual Kids in the Shed event. Taking place on Sunday 11 June, the kids are really going to love it. “Young……

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