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Data driven marketing: it's not useless marketing mumbo jumbo, we promise.

With the ability to easily track and record customer interactions across your digital presence, we can help you make informed decisions based on numerous data sources. We have customised data solutions based on where you are up to in your business maturity.

The first step is Google Analytics needs to be set up properly. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as whacking the Google code on the website. Goals need to be set up, filters created, settings set up for your industry… the list goes on. This is where we come in to make sure you’re reading the data from the right baseline.

The second stage, build a Google Data Studio Dashboard to visualise marketing performance across all your platforms not just your website. We connect your data and create impressive reports and live dashboards that will convince staff, Executives, Board and other stakeholders of their marketing return on investment (ROI).  The ideal dashboard combines clear benchmarks, goals, sales data, website analytics and social insights from your marketing and advertising platforms to help you make quick decisions from real-time data.

Are dashboards not even cutting it any more? Unified customer data is the dream. This means, smart marketing automation, discovery of customer touch and pain points, and insight into how marketing is directly impacting your sales. We can help you identify the right CRM platform for your business, review how your business can benefit from marketing automation or create a customer journey map to provide you with a visual representation of how your customers may or may not be interacting with your organisation, from to awareness to purchase and retention.

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Google Analytics Optimisation

A lot of Analytics accounts aren’t set up properly. They’re created quickly as part of a website build or as an afterthought, rather than to accurately and effectively measure website traffic that can create real business decisions.

Most Google Analytics accounts contain spam sessions which can create incorrect sessions, internal sessions, missing goals configuration, double tracking, inaccurate e-commerce tracking and more. As a result, this can lead to inaccurate measurement and ill-informed business decisions.

Our optimisation packages include a comprehensive evaluation of your Google Analytics setup to help identify and fix those issues, while also updating the account according to best practice.

Don’t have a Google Analytics account? No worries – let us set it up best practice, from day one.

Basic Google Analytics Optimisation

Our basic package includes:

  • Javascript review
  • Setting up a filtered, more accurate view
  • Setting up your internal search
  • Linking Google Analytics, Ads and Google Search Console
  • Enabling remarketing
  • Ensuring demographic data is working

From $650 

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Advanced Google Analytics Setup

This is recommended for all business sizes.

  • All features from the basic GA package
  • Setting up Google Tag Manager
  • Cross-domain setup
  • Site speed review
  • Advanced Analytics remarketing
  • Social media reporting recommendations for Google – UTM tracking

From $1199

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Analytics Add Ons

Integration of Facebook Pixel – retarget and track conversions from users on Facebook by integration of this pixel through Google Tag Manager.

  • E-commerce tracking – This includes the setup for e-commerce tracking with the integration of actual figures from purchased products or tickets online.
  • Implement call tracking – This includes using specialised tracking software or the Google website call conversion tracking to better understand phone calls.
  • Website Analytics Report – Provide a detailed report on your website performance and audience insights.
  • User Analysis Report – Using third-party tools, provide information on user experience on the site including real-life user recordings, heat maps on the site, and an understanding of how they got to the site. This will come with an actionable list of decisions to increase

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Digital Dashboarding

Digital dashboards:

  • are automated, always up-to-date overviews of your marketing and sales performance
  • obtain input from all your data sources to help you make business decisions based on real data and return on investment (ROI)
  • help you understand which marketing source is generating the best business benefit
  • provide actionable information about the attributable value of each channel to achieving branch and national business goals.

Dashboards are not reports. Reports can be automated though! Want to chat about the difference? Call us, we’d love to talk with you about it.

Google Data Reporting

This is the most simple type of dashboard and something we provide to most of our clients as part of their ongoing marketing services.

It includes overviews of Google Analytics, Google Ads and where needed, Google Search Console Data.

From $500

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Google & Social Reporting

Combine your online marketing reporting into one easy-to-read and always up-to-date dashboard. Data sources can be customised, but generally include Facebook organic and advertising, Google ads and website performance metrics.

The format can be customised to be sales funnel-based, channel-based or in a customised format.

From $750

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Customised Reporting Dashboards

This is completely customised based on your data sources, such as POS systems, manual data spreadsheet input or custom third-party systems. We will work through what the best dashboard tool would be the best solution for your business based on your data sources.

This type of dashboard is the best way to not only determine how marketing affects actual sales but to make real business decisions.

Price on application

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