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Social media marketing is not a maybe

Gone are the days where we had to use this space to write about why you should be on social.

If you’re reading this page, we can only assume that you’re looking for a method to ensure social media is making a noticeable business impact. Whether that’s strategy and planning, training, advertising, content development or evaluation.

We don’t get sick of reading about Facebook’s changes. We love analysing what Instagram content works for your target market and why. We love testing new tools to make it all easier. We’re passionate about developing strategies and audits that help our clients make sense of the giant moving beast. So that’s why we do the research and keep current on marketing trends so you have the time work on what you do best.

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Social Media Community Management

Social Media Planning & Strategy

It was some American founding father who said: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. And while it didn’t stop Benny Franklin from dying from gout, you’ve got to admit he had a pretty good point.

Without a great social media strategy, you can’t expect to get the best benefit for your business, or for your target market. Social media audits, strategies and content plans are some of our most popular products, and set you on the right track for a winning social strategy.

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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the most powerful channels for advertising, with the high possible reach, comparatively low cost to reach and specific targeting. We recommend an always-on strategy to social advertising, but can help with your one-off campaign to give you a touch of the magic of social.

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Social Channel Set Up

Only just ready to test the waters? Let us be your inflatable lifesaver.

At Threesides we can set up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn social media channels/profiles. And make sure they’re setup properly, and best practice.

Cost: From $500 per channel. Optimising and updating existing channels (e.g. merging duplicate profiles, changing personal profiles to business pages) charged at hourly rate of $145 per hour.

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Community Management & Content Development

Want the professionals to handle it? We can manage your social media community, develop relevant and engaging content on your behalf, respond to comments and requests, look for opportunities for further engagement, and evaluate the results.  It’s one more thing off your plate, you’re welcome.

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Video and Photography

Photography and video for digital is a key way to improve your connection with your customers – and quickly. Our team can work with you to provide ideas and footage to improve your visual content marketing….

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