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Digital marketing: an art and a science.

Digital marketing that works is both an art and a science. It needs great design and copywriting, expertise in the mechanics of the channel and data-led decision making. It needs both a nerd and a creative type. Sometimes that could be the same person, sometimes the best digital marketing needs collaboration with the right and left brain. You need a team, you need Threesides.

At Threesides, being a nerd is worn as a badge of honour. We’re always learning, analysing and thinking about the next big thing in digital. We’re prototyping a new design, A/B testing headlines, researching the latest channel development, improving our click-through rates. Most importantly, we’re always looking at results and what that means for your business. Macro and micro conversions, transactions, contact form submissions, the right button click, calls from the website.

We are obsessed with digital marketing, both the art and the science, and we love nothing more than creating campaigns that get real results.

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Ajax, APIs, algorithms, analytics… there’s so much website jargon and we’re only at A. We cut through the noise and the jargon to make sure your website actually works. For your business and also for your customers. Typically an agency will only build websites. While we love to build websites, we’re also happy to be……

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