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You have the dream, planning makes it a reality

Behind every good company, is a good marketing strategy. Understanding of the target market, defined and planned tactics, articulated budget, a vision of objectives and what success will look like. For our ongoing clients, we don’t get into bed with you, without a plan. This is where we can help.

Our plans include:

  • content plans
  • social media plans
  • advertising plan
  • dedicated Google Ads plan
  • a communications and engagement strategy
  • or a marketing strategy that holistically looks at all of the above.

Our plans are scalable to your budget, organisation’s needs, stage and size of business and industry. Check out our popular plans below or enquire now and one of our managers will call you to give you some recommendations on where to start.

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Digital Marketing Plans

The digital marketing plan is the holy grail of marketing planning.

Digital marketing is not the only space we like to play in but it’s where all of our clients get the most reach and engagement so our approach and plans are foremost digital. Our three most popular Digital Marketing Plans below suit the kick-starter right up to our enterprise clients.


Do you need help marketing a new business, campaign or product line, or a motivation boost to make marketing a priority in your organisation?

Brainstorm your ideas with a marketing expert in a two-hour workshop and walk away with your plan mapped out and a 90-day action list of strategies for you to focus your time and energy on so you don’t lose momentum, post-workshop. From $2000.


For small to medium business or large campaigns that need 6-12 months of marketing planning.

Map out your marketing for the next 12 months with a practical plan that focuses on your target audience, content themes, budget and schedule in a visual format that your whole organisation can understand and be accountable to. From $3,500


For our enterprise, national and international clients that need in-depth research to implement marketing across multiple sites and/or countries.

The Premium Plan includes a 3-hour workshop, additional stakeholder consultation as required, development of a comprehensive marketing strategy with a situation analysis, target market research, product development ideas, resourcing and evaluation framework and more. From $5,000

Customer Journey Mapping

It’s easy to get stuck in the tactics, or the weeds, of marketing. Writing that social media post. Updating the website. Reading your latest rambling review. Do you ever sit back and think: ‘How did my customer actually get here?’

We created this product to enable our clients to take a step back and look at their business from a customer-centric perspective, with the help of some fresh eyes.

Customer journey mapping looks at the touchpoints a potential customer would interact with prior to purchasing.

Customer Journey Workshop

A theoretical introduction to customer journey mapping in a 2-hour workshop. We will create a persona, and think through the touch points that customer would meet on their path to purchase, or lead. From how would they hear about you, to what marketing material would support their path in the journey, this workshop walks through the journey with the customer – with the help of a third-party, marketing-led perspective.

We will provide you with an A3 download after the workshop which shows a graphical representation of the journey, and ideas for how to support the customer through that journey.

Price: $750

Customer Journey Plan

This includes the workshop, but it also includes a bunch of data analysis and insights gathering. We’ll look at your digital data: your Google Analytics, your Facebook insights, and your CRM if you have one. We’ll also want to talk to the people who do your sales or at the front line with the customers, and ideally even talk to a customer or two. We also want to add some tools to your website that will record users and ask for feedback from the people who have converted.

This will still be a visual document but will also include a supplementary analysis and action list with additional items to support the customer journey, or tactics to speed up the transition. Practical and graphical, and not simply theoretical. Price from $3500 depending on available data sources.

Hastag Unicorns Instagram

Content Marketing Plans

Exceptional Instagrammers don’t use magic or unicorns.

Do you get jealous of Instagram profiles that look like something out of a magazine? 9 out of 10 times, they achieve this through careful and considered content marketing planning. A plan ensures consistency in theme, style and branding. Online content can be planned in the same way that Vogue and Frankie magazines plan their next print edition. Staged photo shoots, research hashtags with maximum reach and know exactly what time is the best time to engage your followers. Meticulous social media accounts that actually work for your business require planning. Not magic and unicorns.

Our three most popular content marketing plans will get you started or guide your organisation to reinvent its online presence. If you already have a content plan or standard themes that you revisit every year but don’t have time to design and write your content, contact us to talk about our Marketing Department Packages that provide a set number of hours per month to meet your needs and budget.


Our Basic Content Marketing Plan is for people just getting started or who have some online presence but are lacking engagement due to poor quality or inconsistent content and messaging.

In a two-hour workshop, our marketing experts will help you articulate three key target audiences and recommend the ideal channels, social platforms and themes (or pillars) to engage each. Post workshop we will write an example post for each segment and prepare a content schedule template to get you started for the next three months. From $4600.


A Standard Content Marketing Plan is a beefed-up basic plan for organisations who have a wider audience to engage and want to plan their content further ahead.

This plan has all the things from our basic package but includes an extended workshop of three hours, a 6-month content schedule template and example posts for up to 5 target audiences. From $6000.


The Premium Content Marketing Plan is great for corporates and government programs that need to plan content 12 months ahead and are thinking about organic and advertising content.

Workshops and plan development will be facilitated by the Threesides Director and specialised content matter experts provide input as required, including Google Ads advisors, Media and PR Manager, media and video production consultants, social influencers or experts specific to industry e.g. tourism, health promotion, pharmacy, retail, government.

The plan will include up to 7 target audiences with graphically designed personas and your content schedule will include advertising and organic planning for up to 12 months. If required we can facilitate market research with the target audience to inform the development. Price on application. 

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