Twitter still strong     

Many say Twitter has already had its heyday, and the real action is on Facebook and Instagram. But this isn’t necessarily true. User rates are up in the last year, and Twitter has just passed $1 billion in revenue in one quarter for the first time. What does this mean for the future of the app and should you consider it for your business?

Thoughtful Email Marketing

Optus has recently been fined $500k for spamming customers with email marketing. What did they do wrong?
What are the rules for email marketing and how to avoid crossing the line? Threesides can help you with any email marketing needs.

Australia best market for email marketing

Speaking of email marketing, did you know Australia has the best open and click-through rates in the world? Campaign Monitor has released findings from an evaluation of email marketing worldwide in the last 12 months. The worst day to send is on Sunday. The best day is on Saturday. Results also include an industry breakdown.

New Instagram feature

Instagram has launched a new feature that allows you to see and better manage who you follow. It will automatically sort your followers into most and least interacted with accounts, essentially suggesting people you may not want to follow anymore. This will have an impact on brands, as they will need to make sure they have great engagement with their customers on Instagram or risk losing them.

Australian Government investing in marketing to tackle coronavirus tourism slump

The Australian Government seems to know that investments in marketing are money well spent. To tackle the recent dip in tourism levels due to uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, WA has invested $2 million into marketing.