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Our team of Threesiders changes and grows with the market so when we have job vacancies we post job advertisements and selection criteria below and you can apply directly through the relevant form provided.  


future jobs and internships

We are always open to meeting new people who are passionate about marketing and who will fit well with our culture and values. Submit an expression of interest for future job and internship opportunities. 


MARKETING MANAGER – Applications now open

We are looking for a new Marketing Manager, based at Threesides HQ, in the heart of Dickson.

Threesides provides an outsourced team of experts to our clients permanently or for specific campaigns who don’t have the skills in-house to deliver on their own. We have a team of managers and specialists that deliver marketing planning right through to application including design, web development, advertising, social, video, photography, media and PR. This role is for someone who already has agency experience or may have developed their marketing skills in a specific industry and is looking to diversify their skills and knowledge in other industries.


Over the years, many Threesiders have started with us as an intern and progressed to marketing coordinators, marketing managers and even senior management. Please note, we can’t take on interns all year round and we receive loads of applications every year, so if you want us to take interest, make your application engaging, like any good marketer, we love visuals, video, etc.

Who should apply?

We can only take you on as an intern if what we do is part of something you are studying at university or a nationally recognised tertiary training organisation. You don’t have to be studying marketing specifically, for example we have web developers in-house so IT students might be interested in completing their internship here, if we have a relevant project to your studies.

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