Remember what you see not what you read

We don’t need to convince people that visual content in marketing is a priority because the statistics speak for themselves. In the simplest example, run the same content twice on Facebook, one with an image and one without and the visual content will generally get more engagement than text based content alone. Us humans, innately remember visual content over text so whether its brand awareness or sales, visual content is no longer an add on to our services or a like to do one day activity for client marketing.

In-house design services

As audiences, platforms and search engines, visual demand grew and evolved, so did we. We brought design services in-house and naturally progressed to a team of marketers who have a good eye for what will work visually for different industries and audiences. We have expertise in all aspects of graphic and web design and visual communication across social with a strong focus on the most popular Australian platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

If you are kick starting your business or looking for a brand refresh, start with Branding. For a newly designed or improvements to the design and navigation of your current website, visit Web Design or shoot over to Photography and Video if this is your visual content deficiency.

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Healthier Choices Canberra Brand

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Online you, in person you, on the phone you, are they the same? Our approach is not about a logo and a font, it’s about personality. …

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Nine to Five Interiors Website

Website Design 5

Websites should be pretty and smart so don’t be afraid to be smart and learn how to design a website that has great content which will engage and convert your customers. …

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