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Threesides provides in-house media and PR management services to help you deliver on your publicity, promotional and marketing objectives.  Whether it’s to increase visitation to an upcoming event or to draw attention to a pressing issue, Threesides has the skills, expertise and contacts with media, online bloggers and social influencers across a range of industries, to generate coverage for your business.

If it’s a “drop everything” scenario contact us now to talk to our PR team (Note: higher rates apply for less than 48 hours notice) or review our products below and enquire about the services you specifically need.

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Media PR Marketing Canberra

Media and PR Planning

We offer three levels of planning depending on your requirements.

Basic Media Plan

Provides a broad overview of potential story angles, talent and suitable media targets for your business.

Standard Media Plan

As per plan A. Also includes a 12-month plan of attack so you can plan for the resources to get the job done and see results.

Premium Media Plan

Includes a two-hour workshop with Threesides, and the delivery of a comprehensive plan outlining potential story angles, talent and media targets.  Incorporates strategies across your other content channels such as social media, enewsletters and your website to develop an integrated, consistent approach to your communications activities. Also includes a 12-month schedule of activity.

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Media Liaison for Events, Launches and Famils

Threesides will manage an end-to-end process to assist with media management in three parts.

Step 1: Creation

Threesides can work with you to craft a carefully worded, timely and newsworthy media release designed to capture the attention of your target media.  We can draft a release from scratch or can edit and polish your existing release into the recommended style.  We’ll also work with you to ensure we have suitable images and quotes from your designated spokesperson/people ready for distribution to the media upon request.

Step 2: Distribution

Threesides specialises in media liaison within Canberra and the surrounding region and also has strong links to a national network of more than 300 travel, tourism, food & wine and lifestyle media contacts across print, radio, television and online. However, we have the resources to distribute your release further and to develop customised lists as required. 

Step 3: Pitching and Follow Ups

Once the media release is distributed, it can be helpful to make contact with specific journalists to highlight the connection between the release and their readers or viewers, to suggest story angles, to offer imagery or interviews, or to coordinate a promotion to help facilitate and secure valuable media coverage. This pitching takes the form of targeted emails, sometimes followed by phone conversations if appropriate. Whilst we cannot make any guarantees as to the volume, angles or sources of any coverage, we find that incorporating a proactive pitching element into your media efforts can help facilitate conversion. This step also involves addressing media requests, whether it’s supplying an image or coordinating an interview.

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Media Add-ons

Choose from one of the following services to get more mileage from your media activities.

Video and photography content

We all know a picture says a thousand words. We can organise a photographer or videographer to capture your special event for future prosperity, for use in your other marketing channels and potentially result in further media coverage.

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Blog Posts/Articles

Want to convert your media release into a blog post? Or perhaps reap the benefits of having a steady stream of new, pertinent content on your website? We can develop blog posts and articles for you that are RITE, i.e. – Relevant, Interesting, Timely and Engaging.

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Social Media Posts

Take your media activity further with on-message social media posts that speak to your audience. Content is customised to suit the platform and we can even post them (and respond to comments) on your behalf.

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On the Ground Support

Once you’ve convinced the media to attend your event, it’s important they get what they need while they are there. On-the-ground support is vital. Threesides can attend your event to manage any media and coordinate their requirements for visuals, interviews or further information. This leaves you to get on with the important job of hosting your other guests.

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Other Media and PR Services

Threesides also offers the following media and PR services, all of which are charged at an hourly rate and scoped with you prior to proceeding.

  • Designing and hosting media and stakeholder events, and media launches
  • Coordination and hosting of onsite media familiarisations
  • Copywriting of media kits, enewsletters, client letters and case studies
  • Blogger and online influencer engagement activities including famils
  • Develop web content and website/micro sites to support activities

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Threesides Media Wire Canberra


Media Wire provides the latest news and media updates from Threesides Marketing clients from across the Canberra region and Australia. Hosting a wide variety of articles, media releases and alerts, MediaWire provides a platform to promote to a wide audience.

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