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Blog 18/10/2021

How to prepare for the perfect meeting at Threesides

Abraham Lincoln once famously said “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.’’
Here at Threesides, we’re not landscapers or lumberjacks, but we value both your time and ours. We believe in keeping a razor-sharp axe (so to speak). …

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Blog 13/10/2021

“Start Using Responsive Search Ads” – Google Ads Update

You may have received (or will receive) an email from Google Ads with the instructions to start using Responsive Search Ads, instead of Expanded Text Ads. This email says that your account will need to start using Responsive Search Ads after a particular date – generally June 30, 2022. What’s a Responsive Search Ad? Responsive……

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Blog 22/09/2021

How do websites know your location?

You might be looking at your Threemail worldview report, the Google Analytics Geo overview, or your website security logs and seeing a range of different locations. Some clients have expressed concern when their analytics are pulling various worldwide locations and wondering why they can span such a range of locations….

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Blog 16/09/2021

How to be reactive with digital advertising in lockdown

When you are scrambling to align operational changes with the latest lockdown changes, there is always a focus to communicate to customers fast and predictably via social media or email, but what you might miss in the rush is your digital advertising which represents a massive part of how your customers find and get to you….

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Blog 31/08/2021

Lockdown Love – Our guide to supporting local business

While the last few weeks have been a challenge for many, the Threesides team has been thinking about how to support our local clients and businesses who, despite the restrictions of the ACT’s lockdown, remain open and equipped to serve the community in essential ways….

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Blog 30/07/2021

The Wrap: July 2021

It’s literally freezing here in Canberra this week, snow on the mountains and plenty of icy cold rain but we are warming up with great marketing ideas in this month’s WRAP. In July we found out the future of Instagram, strangely from Twitter 😕, looked at a positive take on a cookie-less world ⛔🍪🌎 and were inspired to engage with Generation Z a little more. We continue to also follow the story of the Big Bird Bandits (yep its talked a lot about at Threesides!) – this episode is about media training!…

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