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Beauty is in the eye of the customer

Learning to talk like a web designer and explain how you would like your website to look is often difficult. Knowing what you do and don’t like on other websites is a really good way to start because¬† like Mona Lisa opinions, what I think is beautiful but what your customers think is beautiful can be very different. We rely on you to know your customers better than anyone, so we start with what you like first.

“Never be afraid to be smart”
Emma Watson

In agency land, there are pretty websites and there are pretty websites that are smart just like Ms Watson. We are only interested in the latter. Search engines don’t rank “pretty only” websites, you need to have rich text and image based content that will keep people interested and convert, as well as a whole long list of other things that make up the complicated Google algorithm. So, we won’t design a website without great content and if you don’t have it, we’ll create it for you.

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