Integrated Digital Advertising


Drive Results with an Integrated, Cross-Channel Approach

The customer journey has become much more complex and varied that you can no longer rely on one ad on a single channel to achieve your goal.

Integrated digital advertising unites all of your digital channels to deliver a cohesive online presence and improve results. This approach to advertising is taken from planning to optimisation and reporting to ensure that all channels and tactics are playing their part, at the right time, to guide a person from awareness through to the action that’s most valuable to your business.

This might include driving brand awareness on Facebook and YouTube, capturing an in-market audience actively searching for products/services like yours on Google Search, and retargeting those who showed interest but didn’t convert via Google Display.

An integrated strategy will go beyond the advertising platform too, factoring in broader marketing resources, the website design and experience, and what happens after a user takes the desired action.

The ultimate goal is driving results, regardless of where it happens.

The Solution: Here’s what Integrated advertising looks like

With Google and powerhouse social media platforms like Facebook there can be an overwhelming amount of information and options available to choose from. Between display ads, search ads, Facebook ads and Instagram Reels (to name a few), these platforms are made up of hundreds of different options and variables that all contribute to whether an ad campaign is successful. Having a great website is a good start, however without traffic being actively pushed to your site, your customers don’t get a chance to see it. Integrating your digital advertising has proven to be an effective method to improve website visitors and both paid and organic search rankings.

Content Pillars and Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan Mindmap Canberra


Threesides: Canberra’s Digital Marketing Specialists

Sounds time-consuming, right? Lucky for you, we have social media and Google PPC (pay-per-click) specialists who already have the knowledge and experience to run successful campaigns, with proven results at helping our clients achieve their advertising goals. Threesides can:

  • Scope and develop an integrated digital advertising plan, reviewing available campaign types and working with you to determine the best course of action
  •  Set up and run your social accounts or Google Ads account
  •  Tracking engagement and analytics to effectively measure lifetime value and the return on investment
  •  Work with you on creating your ad that both you and the people searching for you will love

From outdoor experience services like GoBoat to more educational-based ads encouraging course signups for UNSW, we’re equipped with the expertise to either establish your advertising platforms and get them to help your website convert or improve/integrate your current strategies.

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