So you’ve set up your Facebook page and it’s looking pretty good. You’re expanding your social media network beyond your mates and into your current and potential customers and their friends. Now you want to step up your marketing, build your following to 1000+ followers and hopefully start seeing some sales results.

Here are three tools that can help you with your Facebook marketing:

1. Pagemodo (http://www.pagemodo.com/)

Pagemodo provides you with the tools to build a custom Facebook app without having to have coding skills or other technical software. This is great if you are selling online with an e-commerce store and want to bring the face of your online shop to your Facebook account, or if you want to direct people to an information page about your products and services but don’t have a website.Pagemodo offers a free account whereby you can host one custom app page on your Facebook account, and then there are a couple of different paid plans after this

2. Facebook Offers (https://www.facebook.com/help/184217158375330/)

Facebook offers becomes available to your page when you get over 100 likes, this is a great sales focused tool that advertises a downloadable coupon that can be used in store or online to take advantage of a specific deal.

Offers have no specific budget and allow you to determine how much you want to spend, basically the amount you spend defines the amount of people you can reach. For offers to truly reach their potential a viral effect needs to begin. This viral effect happens when a user downloads the offer in which Facebook then notifies that person’s Facebook friends in their news feed (https://www.facebook.com/help/210346402339221/?q=news%20feed&sid=0ipkgLhOBQIY5D8lk) that that person has taken advantage of the offer.

3. Sponsored Stories (https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10100328087082670)

Sponsored stories is a great way to expand your message out to the friends of your fans increasing the reach of your content and attracting potential new customers.

To save money, utilise sponsored stories on engaging timely information only. For example my men’s Jewellery label Knave & Fables launched its second range of jewellery and I sought to push the reach of the launch post as far as possible. I knew that it would get a bunch of likes and hopefully some good comments as it was relevant interesting content so therefore had some great potential to reach a lot of other potential fans if we used the sponsored stories tool.

This post reached 2,524 people which is a lot more than our 379 fans of Knave and Fables.

Give these tools a try and let me know how you go and if you have any other recommendations please let me and everyone else know, there is so much out there it’s great to get firsthand recommendations – Jonny Day