Interested in some of the big changes that have occurred in the marketing world over the past couple of months? Read all about it…

1 Videos from online influencers work, with three out of four consumers saying that social influencers have an impact on their purchasing decisions.

Facebook has created Collection as a way to directly promote products through videos on Facebook. Collection works by providing consumers with a direct link to online stores so that they can purchase the products they see in videos straight away.

The idea for Collection comes from a combination of more videos being watched than ever before, mobile shopping becoming more prevalent, and Facebook’s ever expanding desire to increase its advertising options.

2Further proving the value of mobile shopping, Clemenger BBDO have created a similar concept.The website allows users to instantly live swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to looks they see on the catwalk. The purpose built site – named ‘Catwalk to Cart’ allows users to purchase fashion on the spot by creating a personalised wish list. Taking it one step further, live billboards have been created for the campaign, with users being able to shop the looks they see on the catwalk from the street.

3 An updated inbox has hit Facebook, with Instagram comments now being integrated to the messages hub. Facebook has identified that community management is as time-consuming as it is rewarding, and has updated its messaging tool accordingly.

The messages hub, previously only available on mobile, is now available on desktop versions of Facebook and includes Facebook messages, Facebook comments and Instagram comments. We can’t wait to see how this tool will increase efficiency of social media management.

4 Mobile ad spend will increase by 37% in 2017. Forecasts estimate that mobile ad spend for Australians will reach $4.45 billion this year. This number will account for 30% of total media budgets in Australia. TV ad spending has decreased to $3.3 billion, proving that online advertising is increasingly being prioritised over television advertising.

5Research from Nielsen has discerned that marketers need to be creating relevant mobile content for millennials throughout the day and then need to back it up across other devices such as laptops, desktops and tablets in the evening. They also identified that millennials are 44% more likely than other audiences to receive proximity based marketing communications.

6Facebook users have reported being able to use a second news feed on their mobile devices. A small rocket ship icon that appears at the bottom of their newsfeed has been taking them to a different phantom feed. This second feed provides users with content from pages and profiles that they haven’t liked. The content is tailored to suit the user and is based on the user’s likes, interests and liked pages.

7YouTube will stop serving ads on channels with less than 10,000 views. This new feature will guarantee that user-generated content is ad free on channels with less than 10,000 viewers. Brands such as Holden and Kia suspended all advertising on YouTube recently after their paid ads were served alongside offensive videos. This change will ensure that big brands maintain their reputation by not having their ads served before questionable content.

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