Another month, another chance to delve into the world of digital and content marketing…

1Heard of “truRating”? You will. This point-of-payment rating system asks customers to rank businesses on a scale of 0-9 when they pay, giving immediate feedback to the business. And it’s coming to Australia.

2Instagram changed the order of photos you will see in your feed based on the “the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post”. Here’s how it affects you as a poster and a viewer.

3Emoji Marketing – it’s a thing, and apparently it’s growing.

4Facebook loves playing favourites with your content, and their new bestie is Facebook Live Videos.

5And on the paid side of things, Facebook has introduced Delivery Insights into Ads Manger. This feature will provide “a new set of insights… that tells advertisers how their ads are competing at auction and provides recommendations on how to tweak the ad to make it more competitive”.

6LinkedIn has rolled out their Account Targeting which enables them to “tailor their Sponsored Updates or Sponsored InMail campaigns” to a priority list of accounts.

7Every 15 year old platform deserves a good refresh, and Google Ads is no different.

ExclamationMarkAnd proof that it always pays to proof read before hitting up the printers! Even Justin Bieber can’t pay enough for good proof readers.

Image: Shutterstock