May calendar image for This Month in Marketing

Social media and content marketing nerds, this way! Here’s our wrap up of what’s got us talking around the kettle this month.

1The 140 character limit days are over for Twitter… well, kind of. Twitter has tweaked their limitations on elements like usernames and media, giving you more characters to play with and say what you’re trying to say.

2Spotify is sliding into your Twitter feed, with tracks that play automatically.

3Instagram’s Business Profiles and Insights are looking set to begin rolling out and we can’t wait!

4What are your thoughts about Facebook live videos? If you love them, check out the interactive live map showing where people are currently posting videos from.

5Need to GIF on the go? Who doesn’t! Tumblr is here to help.

6Your Instagram carousel ads can now include video, and with research showing that “adding video to an existing campaign drives higher favourability than campaigns with static photos only”, we’re expecting great results.

7Twitter and Periscope are working together to create a real-time livestreaming scanning algorithm, making it easier to find relevant content even if it’s been uploaded with silly, non-descriptive tags.

8What happens when you take award winning ad agencies, add in adjoining offices and top them up with a hearty dose of stationery supplies? The post-it war of the century, that’s what!

ExclamationMarkAnd finally, setting auto-replies for your social media accounts might seem like a good idea… until you see it being totally bungled. Here’s to making sure we never “make an ASOS” of our customer service!

Image: Shutterstock