It’s a small world after all when I got the chance to catch up with an old colleague in Gulargambone – Steve Baldwin.  The question that everyone has been asking is where in the world is Gulargambone?  Well after spending 2 days out here presenting an online marketing workshop with local business operators I can well and truly say that it is a place worth visiting.

Here are some quotes that people in the workshop came up with to answer the question:

“We are the centre of the universe” – Angela – 2828 – http://web.me.com/gulargambone2828

“The only caravan park in the world with a 5 galah rating” – Pam – Gulargambone Caravan park ‘ A caravan park with a lot of difference!

P.s. it’s about 1.5 hrs drive from Dubbo if you really needed to know

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