One of the values we live by at Threesides is We know our stuff. And it’s no secret, we’re happy to preach it! But what is “stuff” and how do we make sure we really do know it?

Threesides stuff: marketing, digital, design

We are marketers, strategy writers, media and PR gurus, graphic designers, creatives, content writers, videographers and digital experts.  Above all, we are a team of passionate people with varied skills who work together to deliver smart marketing – marketing that is strategic, and data driven, and that can be measured and reported on to make informed decisions for our clients. See what services we can provide here.

How do we keep on top of stuff?

We have a bunch of cool tactics to make sure we remain relevant in an industry that is fast paced and constantly changing. We also work in a time where anyone can access a website or social media platform and an answer to a question is only a Google search away so it’s important for us to continually learn and grow as marketers.

Training and insight sharing

We love training – what’s not to love about hanging with your work crew and learning new things over a Friday arvo beer. Training is held regularly throughout the year for Threesides staff and always run by a subject matter expert.

We love to share insights and key learnings with the team on a weekly basis. Whether it be from an external training session, an article read or an experience on a client project. Insights and knowledge sharing encourages the team to stop and reflect on the week that was, and provides an opportunity for the rest of the team to benefit from another’s learnings.

New talent, new skills, more marketing power

We’re constantly seeking the best talent available and adding new skills to the Threesides family to meet both client and internal demands. Having the right people with the right skills to work on a project or task produces much better outcomes for the client. Working with new people and being exposed to new skills keeps the whole team fresh and on our toes. Learn more about us and our team here.

Growing marketing superstars

We are passionate about individual and team growth and we want to provide the opportunity for every Threesider to learn, to grow and progress in their careers to becoming marketing superstars. Our agency environment is practical and hands-on – we believe in learning working closely with each other and learning by doing. Threesiders who are constantly evolving and engaged produce the best possible work for our clients.

Read, watch and listen to industry insights

We’re advocates for learning by doing but there is always room for more knowledge. From daily e-news emailed to our inboxes, Google searching to find relevant blog articles, or scrolling LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and the media, we read, we watch, and we listen to marketing, business and tech leaders and marketing agencies around the world to keep up to speed with the latest and greatest in marketing.

Sharing our stuff

Training is one of the areas of business that we are passionate about. We love to share our stuff, to impart our knowledge and work with our clients to build their internal marketing capacity. We know our stuff and we want you to know it too. Sharing what we know, whether it be with one another or with clients, is just another reason why the Threesides team are marketing communications experts.

And there it is – all you need to know about our stuff, Threesides stuff. If you want to know more, chat with us today.

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