Grass is greener Threesides

The grass really is greener at Threesides. Why? Well, we have a big piece of faux green turf on our back wall.

Now seriously, here is the real story. We are Threesides Marketing, a Canberra based digital agency doing marketing that changes lives. We are close knit team of street wise nerds led by directors, and brothers, Clint and Todd Wright. Each one of our team members brings a different set of skills and personality to the table. Getting results for our clients through marketing is what we are passionate about, and…

  • We know our stuff: we stay ahead of the game through a commitment to learning and knowledge development.
  • We love what we do: we bring lots of positive energy and passion to our work each and every day.
  • We care a lot: we genuinely care about the people we work with. Our colleagues and clients often become our friends. We believe that we spend too much time with one another not to like the people we work with or the work that we do.
  • We think anything is possible: we are constantly on the front foot with new ideas to market our clients’ businesses.
  • We are down to earth: when working with Threesides, what you see is what you get. We’re approachable, friendly and keep our egos in check.

There’s more. We work in a fast paced, heads down bum up environment but we do stop to have fun, laugh with one another and celebrate our successes. If you’re not careful, you may end with an obscure nickname like Baxter, Lizard or Smiling Steve and be made to refer to yourself in the third person (we swear it’s all for fun and games, strictly no bullying allowed)!

Want to join the Threesides team?

The grass does sound greener at Threesides, doesn’t it? If you’re in the industry and are looking for something a little exciting and challenging, drop us a line. We are currently looking for a Marketing Admin Coordinator and it may well be the position for you.

Check out the position description or contact Lauren Allen on lauren.allen@threesides.com.au or 02 6249 1117


Update: We are no longer taking applications for this position, but our Expression of Interest form is always open – feel free to introduce yourself!