Todd Wright

Todd Wright is a marketing expert and the Founder and Director of Threesides. Todd’s strengths lie in business development and digital marketing, including an undeniable talent for training and facilitation. He uses his exceptional communication skills to be an inspiring and educational presenter and at last count, he has presented over 500 workshops to over 8000 participants.

With a passion for creative thinking and innovative marketing and PR, we are all lucky Todd chose to use his marketing for good and not for evil.  He is never short of a good idea, big or small – and creates a trail of marketing goodness wherever he goes. Todd’s addiction to technology means he is always on the forefront of the newest tool to help your business.

When Todd isn’t making marketing look easy or directing the Threesides ship, he is researching Visitor Information Centres he can travel to and even finds time to volunteer for Menslink.

Coming from Canberra in the middle of a drought to teach small business operators how to better utilise technology and the internet would be a challenge to most trainers, but not Todd Wright. Todd was engaging and passionate with an infectious enthusiasm.

Articles by Todd Wright

A letter to our client community, supporters and fans 5

Welcome to the days of our lives, with enough drama to fill a season of your favourite soap opera and where it seems that nothing is off limits. In Canberra, our last 6 months have rolled from drought to bushfires with choking smoke, hail the size of golf balls and now COVID-19. Combine this with an economic environment that has gone from bad to worse, it almost feels a bit hollow to talk marketing. ...

Go on – Love your Nation’s Capital – whichever way you look at it… 5

Okay – time for a confession – “I Love Canberra”.  Alright I said it, with out cringing, removing direct eye contact or crossing my fingers because we all know that means you didn’t really mean it. What isn’t there to love about the place: ‘peak hour’ lasts for 25mins (20 mins without road works) –......