HotChippies-signageI’ve had the pleasure of working with Vince, the owner of Hot Chippies Remodelling Professionals for over 18months now and when we had a chat recently about redeveloping his onsite signage we both saw the opportunity to do something a little different.  A renovation on a renovator!

We all know the type of building and construction on-site signage that you mostly see around the place – flimsy old signs that are dog eared and covered in cement!

Vince runs a small, family owned outfit that specialise in high end renovation and remodelling projects in the price range of 100k +.  He prides himself on delivering a very personalised service that helps his clients relax through their renovation, and a very high quality finished product in conjunction with some of Canberra’s leading architects and interior designers so we needed his signs to say something about this.

With Vince’s hammer close to hand, design firm Love Design delivering the graphics to our brief, and Signage One in Mitchell taking care of our printing onto an antigraffiti bullet proof aluminium, threesides project managed the job to deliver a signage concept that included a quality timber framing with solar panel lighting (as renovated by Vince).   The call to action on the signs is to visits Hot Chippies website to find out more about a specific offer Relaxed Renovations

And the result – well how do you track results of people looking at a sign?  Get them to provide their postcode when they register for more information on the Hot Chippies website which is showing an increase in postcodes that align to the regions where the signs have been placed on display.

When was the last time you did something different with your promotions like Vince?

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