So it’s time to stop wondering if your business should be in LinkedIn. The questions you should be asking now is ‘How can I get the be results’.  Linkedin is definitely a what you put in is what you get out space.  There is no set and forget free passes here.

In preparation for this workshop we did the following to our own Threesides LinkedIn company presence:

  • updated our header image
  • uploaded our new logo
  • improved our product and services descriptions
  • checked staff descriptions and got them to update them
  • Created some new connections
  • posted a news update
  • upgraded key staff to LinkedIn premium for a trial period
  • posted the presentation below from slideshare which feeds through to LinkedIn

All of this took about 60 mins and we attracted about 25 followers to our company page and a number of skill endorsements, recomendations and new connections.  Will it lead to new work?  Time will tell but lead generation is only one of the aims of what we use LinkedIn for.

We helped answer many questions on LinkedIn at a ACT Digital Enterprise workshop for the Canberra Business council.  See the notes below and grab our tips sheet further down the page to keep you on track.

LinkedIn Top Tips Sheet

Threesides LinkedIn Top Tips

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