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If you’ve recently made changes to a website, and it doesn’t look like anything has changed; or there’s something not working right, sometimes all you need to do is clear the cache. We might also send you this page if we’ve made updates as part of our website maintenance or development services.

A website cache is basically a copy of the website that you are accessing that is stored on your computer. If there are updates that are made somewhere else, your local copy needs to be updated too.

Hard Refresh is also a name for clearing your browser cache – this makes sure that your browser retreives the latest copy of your website.

How to clear your cache

Clear cache For A Specific Website

Try ‘hard-refreshing’ by pressing Ctrl-Shift-R (Windows) or Command-Shift-R (Mac); or Ctrl-Shift-F5 (Windows) or Command-Shift-F5 (Mac).

Clear All Website Data in your browser

  1. For desktop browsers, ensure that the browser is open and selected, and press Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac).
  2. Select the data and date range – and delete

Be cautious when clearing all website data – this will remove saved passwords and cookies for all the websites you have visited. Ensure you know your passwords and login details.

You can also use an ‘Incognito’ or Guest Browsing window to check what your website looks like without the cache.

What about other browsers – such as a mac?

Fabric Digital has put together this handy infographic with the keyboard shortcuts to clear your browser cache and hard refresh your website for Firefox, Edge, Safari and Google Chrome.

Control (or Command) + Shift + R is the most common keyboard shortcut to clear your browser cache
Fabric Digital – How to hard refresh your browser

Still Not working?

If you’ve tried clearing your bowser cache and your website is still not displaying properly – there may be another cache (such as a CDN) that is storing an older version of your website. These caches can commonly be cleared via your website dashboard, or hosting control panel.

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