The last two years has taught us a lot about adapting and developing new skills, ideas and marketing tactics but we also learnt not to over commit because who knows what tomorrow might look like! So we are starting 2022 with three simple and achievable New Year’s resolutions for your marketing. No rocket science here, it’s all about Keeping It Simple Stupid (KISS) this year and building up to bigger and better things, with a planned approach.

Enjoy the read…

1. Improve your visual content!!

With lockdowns and restrictions, came a higher focus on digital marketing strategies last year, either for businesses to stay connected with their community or to transform their bricks and mortar business to ecommerce sales. So now more than ever, its harder to stand out because more people are getting the hang of this thing we call digital marketing.

But the best way to start is with visual content! Platforms like Canva can get you started and have worked hard on their own development in 2021 with enhancements that help their users create great visuals, including video content. But for the next level up, get the professionals onto it, start a photo wishlist, draft a video plan and engage the services of a professional photographer, video production company and a graphic designer in 2022!


There is nothing new about SEO audits, we’ve been doing them for years but post lockdown the requests for SEO audits and content marketing magnified. It was like a global light bulb went on and everyone realised how important the words (and everything else!) on their website mattered.

When was the last time you looked at your website content, behaviour flows and the analytics we give you each month in your Google Data Studio dashboard?

Are your competitors out ranking you? Do you have new services and products that you mention only in passing on your site?

Maybe it’s time you got up with the trend and start writing better quality content. We use SEMRush here at Threesides to help guide our copywriters and we have tried a lot of tools out there! Have a chat with us about an audit, the latest algorithms or how our copywriters can help refresh your content in 2022.



The media landscape is crowded, organic is not going to cut it this year. Investing in paid advertising is a good investment but there are lots of options. From paid social media posts, display ads, search ads, video ads and other promoted digital marketing, its hard to know where to start. To make it harder, not only do different platforms perform better than others, within platforms you need to understand the nuaces and performance issues between different ad types e.g. LinkedIn Ad versus a LinkedIn Job Ad, which vary dramatically in cost and performance.

So its not as simple as boosting a post. Like every other marketing strategy the best way to start is with a plan. A Digital Marketing Plan, that looks at all your digital assets and then considers advertising in relation to your audience, tactics, budget, platforms and ad types, is the best place to start!