An Australian Real Estate Agent, Nick Nagel from Canberra, has created a world-first cloud-based software solution, Agent 99, designed to assist Real Estate Agents in converting higher value sales leads from start to finish, while improving trust with vendors through direct and transparent buyer feedback.

“This tool provides a level of intelligence that Real Estate Agents have never experienced before. Agents can use it as a selling point as it saves time on finding prospects and data capturing,” said Nick Nagel, Director, Agent 99.

“There is no doubt the market is booming right now, especially in our capital cities as many people make big moves or investments due to the impacts of Covid-19. Agent 99 is designed to help Agents who are already time-poor to weed through non-productive leads. It also allows them to show just how popular a particular property is and why, and how much interest there is to make and back informed sales decisions,” Nick continued.

Nick was able to bring Agent 99 to life after securing an Innovation Connect Grant via the ACT Government’s Canberra Innovation Network. The software solution brings together listings, real-time open home feedback, online enquiries via listings sites, and manual enquiry sources into one easy to use dashboard.

“Agent 99 brings together insights and automation to improve the home sale process. Software is used and is highly successful at open homes, when they are permitted in the current climate, to help capture data instantly, giving real time updates to Agents and vendors. From open homes to online listings, the software improves the end-to-end intelligence on the property sales cycle, enabling Agents to have more informed conversations with both buyers and vendors,” Nick continued.

One of the key features of Agent 99 is its self-qualifying nature. It allows interested buyers to self-qualify better by providing a list of questions for them to answer to gauge where the buyer is at in the sales process – are they financed and ready to go (i.e. a genuine, quality prospect) or are they just looking, or not in the market just yet?

“The strongest sales prospects are identified early, and the Agent can then focus attention on them ahead of negotiation and/or auction time,” Nick concluded.

Agent 99 is now available nationally, and the developer has already seen some keen interest from Canberra Real Estate Agents. Interested Agents can enjoy a free demonstration and discuss the options best suited for them, by emailing [email protected] or calling Nick on 0413 175 238. For more information visit www.agent-99.com.au


How does Agent 99 work?

In short, the software is used at open homes, where possible in the current climate, to capture interest in real time. When visitors arrive at open homes, the agent will provide registration details which takes the user to the Agent 99 registration page. Following the inspection of the property, they will leave targeted feedback on many different aspects of the home. This allows the agent to spend less time being the communications middleman, and more time doing what they do best – running open homes and getting houses rented and sold.

How does Agent 99 speed up the sales process?

It speeds up the sales process by:

  • Weeding out the genuine prospects vs those just looking.
  • Keeping clients updated on open home results.
  • Collating overall interest data and home scores.
  • Directly sending visitor results to vendors.
  • Automated to send out the contract to interested parties.
  • Integrating with listing sites and CRM systems.
  • All application features are usable on desktop, tablet and mobile.

More information at www.agent-99.com.au

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