Pie Time – 30 days and 100s of ways to enjoy pies in Australia’s home of pies, the NSW Southern Highlands in June – has been forced into Pie-solation along with the rest of us. It’s Pie Time, now in Pie-solation from 1-7 June 2020. With Aussie legend, Dipper, to help spread the pie love across our wide brown land.

“Due to the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 and the subsequent social distancing measures and shut down of restaurants, cafes and bars across NSW, along with the visitors we usually see arriving in the region being asked to stay at home, 2020 will be the year of a new Pie Time, in Pie-solation,” said Steve Rosa, Group Manager Tourism and Economic Development, Destination Southern Highlands.

“While the world is in hibernation, now’s the time to appreciate a good quality pie and help make the humble Aussie pie great again, in pie-solation. Whilst we know people can’t visit us in the Southern Highlands, we want to see all Australians staying at home and enjoying their pies.

“We encourage Australians to buy a pie in their next grocery run, bake a pie at home, order a pie from their home delivery service, and share pie images and recipes online,” Steve continued.

Steve also revealed that his team is getting ready to launch an exciting new national day, Australia’s National Pie Day, which will kick off Pie Time on 1 June, and become the national day annually when Australians celebrate the pie.

“America has claimed National Pie Day, now it’s time to reclaim it for Australia and have our own Pie Day. It’s the first day of winter, the time to eat pies, and the time we usually rename our region the Southern Pie-lands for the month of June.

“And we are most excited to announce our Australia’s National Pie Day Ambassador, our new Pie-Minister Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPIErdomenico. Dipper is such a character, a real Aussie legend, and will be our spokesperson for Australia’s National Pie Day and Pie Time in Pie-solation. Stay tuned for his pie press conference in the coming weeks,” Steve continued.

Steve went on to say that the pie makers, bakers, winemakers and tourist attractions in the Southern Highlands have also been working on a range of new Pie-solation virtual events so that visitors can still get their Southern Pie-lands pie fix.

“Several new Pie-solation virtual events will follow Australia’s National Pie Day and run from 1-7 June. These will include things like virtual pie themed cooking classes, behind the scenes mass pie production, pie and pinot masterclasses and paddock to pie plate tours.

“And of course we really want to keep the Southern Pie-lands top of mind for visitors, so that when this is all over we can come together again, with people travelling to us to celebrate our region’s brilliant pies, piemakers and many wonderful Highland’s attractions,” Steve concluded.

Pie Time in Pie-solation, runs from 1-7 June. Australia’s National Pie Day kicks off activity on 1 June.  For more information on Pie Time visit www.pietime.com.au, follow on Facebook for updates and virtual events. Australians sharing their pies for Pie Time and Australia’s National Pie Day can hashtag #pietime #piesolation #visitsouthernhighlands

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