Canberra’s Capital Region Farmers Market is buzzing in preparation for this year’s World Bee Day when it invites the Canberra community to join the ‘hive’ and recognise the importance of bees for the supply of our food. World Bee Day takes place on Saturday 20th May 2023.

“Bees are an integral part of many of our stallholders’ everyday lives. Without them their produce doesn’t grow and thrive, and we wouldn’t have the fresh food available to us each week at Market,” said Capital Region Farmers Market Manager, Sarah Power.

“The main purpose of World Bee Day events is to spread awareness of the significance of bees and other pollinators for our survival. And for all our stallholders who grow fruit, bees are the number one source of pollination. Without them, the many orchards in the Canberra region just wouldn’t produce fruit.

“And so we continue to celebrate World Bee Day each year. We want to keep educating our visitors, from young children to adults, about bees and the truly vital role they play in the supply of our food,” Sarah continued.

World Bee Day at the Capital Region Farmers Market will this year offer a bee information stall, beekeepers, honey producers and fresh produce that relies on bees for pollination. Visitors can sample a traditional Slovenian Honey Breakfast and explore honey themed produce via a World Bee Day scavenger hunt. For children there’s bee badge making and colouring in, and for those who enjoy gardening there will be plenty of plant growers to help get you started with bee friendly garden ideas.  

“For some extra fun and support of our pollinating friends, we invite the community to wear their best yellow outfits to create a real buzz around the Market.  

“Everyone can play their own part in the preservation of bees, whether it be by planting nectar-bearing flowers, buying only Australian-made honey and hive products, or even finding out more about starting your own hive. See us at the Market to find out more about bees on World Bee Day,” Sarah concluded.

For more information about World Bee Day at Capital Region Farmers Market, visit www.capitalregionfarmersmarket.com.au

All the Bee-tails

What: World Bee Day at Capital Region Farmers Market

When: Saturday May 20, 2023, 7am–11:30am

Where: Capital Region Farmers Market at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)

Website: For more information, visit https://capitalregionfarmersmarket.com.au/world-bee-day/