Canberra’s much-loved Capital Region Farmers Market is relocating for one day only.

“To accommodate the upcoming Spilt Milk Festival, our farmers and food producers are moving from their ‘home ground’ location at Exhibition Park in Mitchell and hitting the road for a one-off ‘Away Game’ at GIO Stadium in Bruce,” said Capital Region Farmers Market Manager, Sarah Power.

“We’ve never done this before and it’s a big undertaking to move our infrastructure and regular farmers, producers and makers from their regular weekly home at Exhibition Park, to GIO Stadium in Bruce.

“And for consumers it’s really exciting because we’re taking a great range of fresh produce somewhere new, so we’re hoping we welcome some new visitors who have never experienced what our Market has to offer before.

“It’s a great opportunity for the residents of Bruce and Belconnen and surrounds to come and shop with us close to their homes. And we know they’ll be impressed by the range, quality and freshness of what we have to offer, and will want to add the market shop to their weekly routine when we’re back at our usual home at Exhibition Park the following week,” Sarah continued.

The Capital Region Farmers Market Away Game will feature a great variety of the Market’s farmers and producers, plant and flower growers, as well as fantastic ready to eat food and coffee.

“Saturday 26th November is also the first week of cherry season which we’ve all been looking forward to. The arrival of the first cherries heralds summer is near and we can all enjoy delicious farm-fresh summer fruits including our beloved cherries. Our Away Game will feature cherry growers from around the region with their first cherry harvests,” said Sarah.

Away Game will also feature live musicians and entertainment, as well as face painting and badge making for the kids, making it an enjoyable Saturday morning activity for families.

Capital Region Farmers Market Away Game will be held on Saturday 26th November 2022 at GIO Stadium in Bruce, 7.00am – 11.30am.  For more information visit www.capitalregionfarmersmarket.com.au