AEIOU Foundation

AEIOU is a profit-for-purpose organisation, which was established to deliver high-quality therapy and care to autistic Australians, while supporting their families and carers. At AEIOU Foundation for Children with Autism, they have a simple, yet sincere goal: to provide life-changing early intervention. At Threesides, on the other hand, our goal for AEIOU has been to support them in both launching and marketing their state-of-the-art Garran Centre, Canberra Autism Hub for children.

In particular, we have assisted AEIOU with a substantial amount of Media and PR management services – writing media releases, coordinating media launch events, managing all communication with journalists and outlets, and any other media-related odd jobs that may crop up.

In fact, our last media event for AEIOU was one of our most successful ever. With at least ten individual media representatives attending, to get a piece of the news-worthy action!

Media, PR and Influencers 5

Threesides provides in-house media and PR management services to help you deliver on your publicity, promotional and marketing objectives.  Whether it’s to increase visitation to an upcoming event, or to draw attention to a pressing issue, Threesides has the skills, expertise and contacts with media, online bloggers and social influencers across a range of industries,......