The BOM are predicting a wet summer ahead but that hasn’t dampened the cheery Threesides spirit in the office. Maybe it’s being able to see our Sydney workers in person again, maybe it’s having a fresh-faced and enthusiastic intern around, or maybe it’s the flowing supply of new Underground Spirits bottles stocking our shelves – who knows! 

In November’s Wrap, we discuss Microsoft’s new software product, the National Museum of Australia’s free program on First Nations, gender and migrationGoogle’s guide to engaging customers, and we reveal the hottest venue in town for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve celebrations.  

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve at the RUC 

We all know how quiet the Christmas period can get around Canberra, but for those of us that will still be around, the good news is that the RUC at Turner will be the number one venue in town for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

The RUC is only shutting for Xmas Day, so if you’re looking for some Boxing Day barefoot bowls, or somewhere in the sun to recover on January 1, you know who to call – jump online and make a booking now

Introducing Microsoft’s latest workplace innovation – Microsoft Loop 

As lockdowns ease, and ACT residents slowly return to work, you may notice the lingering effects of two years of lockdowns. For some, this may be a more flexible work environment, while  others might see their company adopt more online resources. Microsoft has witnessed this change and reacted accordingly with the creation of their newest software, Microsoft Loop. The new platform from the tech giant will allow users to seamlessly collaborate and communicate with their colleagues in a new fluid way. 

Want to know how this new platform can upgrade your work environment? You can read about it in this blog written by Wangui McKelvey – the General Manager of Microsoft 365. 

Introducing Australian Perspectives: First Nations, gender, migration 

Do you work in teaching and education, or do you know someone who does? Join the National Museum of Australia on January 24, 2022, for a free professional learning program for teachers on the topics of First Nations, gender and migration.  

Hear Steph Tisdell, Professor Clare Wright and Saroo Brierley share their personal stories and reflect on the defining moments that have shaped them, plus gain access to full video content on demand. 

Google’s guide to keeping customers engaged  

You may feel a little rusty when it comes to customer interactions after two years of on-again-off-again lockdowns. What we like to call “lockdown inertia”, can leave you stumped when it comes to writing social posts, keeping your clients informed, or even meeting up in person. If this sounds like you, and you want to reconnect with your customers both in-person and online, Grow with Google has got you covered with an array of specific articles in their guide to engage your customers

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