Whether your ultimate goal is to increase in-store traffic or increase e-commerce sales, Google Ads for retailers is a definite must. If your business has an e-commerce platform, the opportunities in Google Ads is endless in generating revenue and improving your ROAS. With Google Shopping, regardless of the size, retailers can help customer decision making even before the user clicks on your website.

Even if your business does not have an e-commerce platform, it has been proven that majority of customers that made an in-store purchase, have searched for the business’ location and product offerings online prior to the purchase.

Here are some of the Google Ads campaigns we have undertaken:

  • Increased online product sales through Search, Shopping, Display and Remarketing for Blackwoods Xpress.
  • Encouraged in-store traffic to Sportsmans Warehouse‘s various store locations.

Blackwoods Xpress

Owned by Wesfarmers, Blackwoods Xpress is Australia’s leading online retailer of tools, workwear and other industrial supplies.  By implementing an overall search engine marketing campaign, creating search, display, shopping and remarketing campaigns, the company saw its business significantly increase.

Through Threesides’ Google Ads strategy and ongoing proactive management, Blackwoods achieved an amazing return on ad spend and increased brand awareness across Australia. With over 30 campaigns, 500 ad groups and over 8,000 individual ads created, Threesides is capable of managing the most complex of accounts, while achieving strong results.

increase market share

build brand awareness and loyalty

achieve $0.2 avg. cpc for shopping campaigns