Mathias Everson

Mathias is Threesides’ Lead Developer. First introduced to Threesides during his school’s work experience week, Mathias joined the team at Threesides straight out of high school, diving straight into the world of web. Having recently completed his Bachelor of Information Technology, minoring in Information Systems, Mathias is a nerd and problem-solver at heart.

You will find him developing websites for clients, setting up advanced e-commerce reporting platforms, integrating APIs, or generally solving technical problems.

Also applying his skills for Threesides, Mathias develops and maintains core business systems that integrate into billing, reporting, and service delivery.

The MiniChef video

Articles by Mathias Everson

How to provide great design feedback 5

Providing design feedback can be an intricate and sometimes difficult experience. Is it heading in the right direction? Has everything been accounted for? What about print requirements? What if the design copywriting doesn’t fit our tone of voice? Here’s our guide to providing feedback that a designer will love! If you’re working with our design......

“Start Using Responsive Search Ads” – Google Ads Update 5

You may have received (or will receive) an email from Google Ads with the instructions to start using Responsive Search Ads, instead of Expanded Text Ads. This email says that your account will need to start using Responsive Search Ads after a particular date – generally June 30, 2022. What’s a Responsive Search Ad? Responsive......

How do websites know your location? 5

You might be looking at your Threemail worldview report, the Google Analytics Geo overview, or your website security logs and seeing a range of different locations. Some clients have expressed concern when their analytics are pulling various worldwide locations and wondering why they can span such a range of locations....
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