Mathias Everson

Mathias is a Digital Manager at Threesides. After spending a week at Threesides during his school’s work experience week, Mathias joined the team at Threesides straight out of high school, diving into the world of the web. His interest in business processes and systems saw him complete a Bachelor of Information Technology, minoring in Information Systems at the University of Canberra.

Mathias works in the digital team at Threesides, developing and maintaining websites, integrating APIs and implementing digital solutions for clients.

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Articles by Mathias Everson

Dealing with change: How to implement a new system 5

Change management is integral to new system implementation. The hype of promised improvements is not enough to change your team. It is easy to overlook change management as part system implementation, but when this is missing, it impacts how long, and how well, a solution is used....

.au domains – What’s the fuss, and should you register yours? 5

There have been a few emails being sent around recently about registering your .au domain. So, what’s this about? The Australian Domain Authority (AUDA) has released new .au domains (think .com.au, .org.au and .net.au but just for Australian businesses). There are plenty of people who have already purchased the .com.au/.org.au versions of the domain, so......

How to provide great design feedback 5

Providing design feedback can be an intricate and sometimes difficult experience. Is it heading in the right direction? Has everything been accounted for? What about print requirements? What if the design copywriting doesn’t fit our tone of voice? Here’s our guide to providing feedback that a designer will love! If you’re working with our design......