Bayley Kubara

Originally from Wollongong and currently finishing his last semester of a double degree in Marketing and Finance, Bayley has joined the Threesides team as our Digital Coordinator, taking care of all things digital and supporting our specialists as much as possible.

Prior to joining Threesides, Bayley had spent the past 5 years chasing the winter seasons travelling between Australia and the United States playing Ice Hockey. With Covid-19 shutting down all college sports in the United States, Bayley came back home to finish off his degree and continue playing for the CBR Brave. Over the Australian summers, Bayley switches things up and works for Threesides remotely, while he plays professional Ice Hockey over in Europe, most recently in Katowice, Poland.

Outside of work when he has time away from his hockey commitments, Bayley can be seen fishing his golf balls out of water hazards at different courses across the state or back home spending time at the beach or with his family and much loved dogs.

Articles by Bayley Kubara

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