Google Ads / One-off Google Ads Services


Get ad hoc help with your digital advertising

If ongoing monthly Google Ads management isn’t what you’re after, check out our range of one-off Google Ads services, specifically handcrafted for your business.

Google Ads Plans and Audits

We offer a range of one-off ads plans and audits for Google Ads as part of our service offering as a certified Google Ads partner.

Google Ads Plans

A Google Ads plan is a strategic planning document that outlines recommendations for a Google Ads account setup based on budget, existing analytics, Google Ads data and business aims.

This will include:

  • Understanding of the target market
  • Recommendations on types of advertising
  • Budget recommendations including splits
  • Keyword research
  • Conversion tracking recommendations
  • Technical setup tips such as remarketing

From $1,500

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Google Ads Audit

Are you managing your own Google Ads account and simply interested in some actionable insights and areas of improvement? Looking for someone to check you’re on the right track?

In our Google Ads Audits, we have created a product that enables you to get our experience and expertise in a practical and easy to understand document to enable you to improve your Ads results. The audit will also include a review of the strengths and weaknesses of the account, identifying potential strategy problems and recommendations on where to go next in your Google Ads Adventure.

Audits can be purchased as a one-off, or as an additional product on an existing new account setup.

From $800

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Google Ads Workshops

We offer two types of Google Ads workshops:

  1. Training workshops for teams wanting to find out more about running their own Google Ads accounts. These are tailored to the specific audience and desired level.
  2. Business workshops where we work together to assess your needs and how they could be best used in the Google advertising platform. Generally from a workshop, we would then develop an online advertising plan prior to managing your Google Ads.

These workshops vary in cost, please enquire for more. Typical cost from $1,800

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