How to be reactive with digital advertising in lockdown

Blog by September 16, 2021

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When you are scrambling to align operational changes with the latest lockdown changes, there is always a focus to communicate to customers fast and predictably via social media or email, but what you might miss in the rush is your digital advertising which represents a massive part of how your customers find and get to you.

It’s important to ensure your ad creative and messaging remains relevant with your new business goals. For example, if your business hours or operations have changed, you should ensure you’re not advertising services that are not being offered.

Here are some ways we’ve helped our clients over the past few weeks that you can keep in mind, next time Andrew or Gladys announce their next lockdown move.

Flexible management – pause and resume ads as needed

Whether you need to slow your ads to a complete halt or double down on your budget, manage your ads as needed. 

Prime example: Andrew from Bunyip Toys had to close shop and wanted to avoid online orders piling up, so Threesides paused all Google advertising. Within a couple of hours, Mr Barr announced stores could open for delivery and click and collect. So, we reactivated all campaigns.  

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MAKE THE MOST OF opportunities

Threesides were in the midst of developing Taj Agra’s new ecommerce website to allow for direct online orders. When lockdown hit, our web developer, Mathias didn’t stop until the new site was launched within hours. We doubled ad spend and the Dickson and Belconnen restaurants hit the ground running with takeaway orders.

For the first time, The RUC launched takeaway food and drinks within 24 hours of the announcement of the ACT lockdown. Without a direct online ordering system or set up on delivery apps, we instead launched a Facebook Messenger campaign to collect pick up orders.  

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Update business information EVERYWHERE

Had to reduce your business hours like most businesses did? The first thing we did was update opening hours on Google My Business.

For companies that converted from face-to-face to online appointments, we got the message out with a new ad to reflect their new online offering and for those where it was business as usual we reinforced this communication with a big bold “we’re still open!” headline on ads, to reduce friction with the customers interested in your product or service.

Ticking all these COVID-safe boxes in a single photo was SportsCare & Physiotherapy who updated their ads to reinforce that they’re open and following all necessary precautions.


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Use downtime to plan for a relaunch

GoBoat Canberra should have been launching their season this month, but now in a holding pattern, we’re using this time to set-up new campaigns so it’s only a matter of flicking the switch the moment they can weigh anchor. 

Focus on brand awareness for future conversions

People who aren’t familiar with your brand can’t be expected to purchase immediately. There is always value in amplifying your brand and finding new prospects. Even if they can’t convert today due to restrictions, you will be front-of-mind when they can.

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